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Keep Fighting!

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4 months ago

I know every one of us came to the point of being tired of everything. It's like our world became dark and we can't see any light that will light our world and serve us as our guide to whatever things we'll do.

Everything looks like nothing for us. It's like we don't care anymore about the flow of our lives because we knew already that we are on the verge of giving up. We will not fight anymore because we think that we will just lose the battle.

But it should not goes like that. We should try to fight because even if we will lose at least we know to ourselves that we fight till the end.

We should not lose hope in our lives because I know God already made a better future ahead of us. Let's fight till we achieve the victory that we deserve. Keep fighting and let's all believe in the plan of God for us.

We fall. We break. We fail. But with Jesus, we rise. We heal. We overcome. - Unknown

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