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I Am A Fighter Of My Life

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9 months ago

My everyday life was not perfect but it turns into one when I knew how to be contented and look only on the good side of life. I encountered a lots of problems and struggles but that didn't stop me to be happy. Everything in this world is a choice. We can be happy if we want too no matter how hard the situation is. We can also be sad if we will make ourselves blinded with negative thoughts. But sometimes even if you are a very strong person there are still instances that you get tired and feels weak and you cannot help but to blame the world for your misery.

I cant deny the fact that I felt so lost and down sometimes especially when there is no one to comfort me but only myself. I cant help but to be covered up by lots of negative thoughts in my mind. I also came to the point of my life that I want to give up but then I realized when I give up, what will happen to me? Will I be happy? There are lots of questions that bothers my mind but I realized that I shouldn't give up, that I should be brave facing my battles in life.

That's why everytime I felt so lost and down, I go back to all my struggles and problems that I was able to overcome and be inspired to continue my life. I always remind myself that I should be thankful because not everyone reached the path where I am now. And I always put in my mind that my parents raised me to be a fighter and I will fight until I win my own battle.

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