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This or That?

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3 months ago

I was reading my mates were answering to the questions about "what if"so I also thought to participate in it because its the best way to know each others preferences.But instead of what ifs I choosed this or that.

So let's start,

1: Cat or Dog?

I will definitely go for cat,because I naturally feard of dogs and after chasing by dog,while I was on my way to school,this fear has increased.

2: YouTube or Netflix?

YouTube, because I don't like to watch too much Movies or TV shows,So I seldom feel need of it or perhaps I never used Netflix even for once before.

3:Text or video call?

I will prefer text because its easy for and I always get irritates to see while my phone ringing....even my sisters always scolds me for not picking up their phones...Lol

4:Weights or Cardio workouts?

I am already too slim so I can't go for weights Lol.Cardia workouts are best for me.

5:Normal eggs or toast?

Toast,because it's my favourite.

6: Facebook or Instagram?

Definitely Instagram,because its easy to share and find best photos and videos and we can create shopping experience too.On the other hand most of my friends also use Instagram so it feels so good to have long talks with them.

7:Snowcone or Ice cream?

Snowcone was my favourite in my childhood but now I will choose ice cream because snow cones are mostly sugar and water.But Ice-cream have different flavours which all are my favourite.

8:Podcasts or music while walking?

Music!Because I am very fond of listening music.Even before I start cleaning my house I search for best songs to play on...Lolz

9:Console games or physical games?

Console games,because its easy to switch while playing and there so many others benefits of console games.

10: Android or IOS?

Android,because I can't afford IOS yet...Lol and the other reason is that Android is more open and good in organising apps.

11:Cake or pie?

Although both are my favourite but I will choose cake,because it's my cousin's birthday today,so I want to give her...Lolz

12: Extra height or extra weight?

I know,no one will want an extra height or extra weight, but If I have to choose I will go for extra weight because I am tall and slim so gaining some weight would be a good option.

13:Indie or hip-hop?

Hip-hop,because l like the way its sung and very easy to dance.

14:Loyal friends or rich friends?

Loyal friends are my first priority and I am truly blessed in this sense because I found them standing by my side,no matter what circumstances.On the other hand rich friends can be proudly,so choose the ones who are good at heart.

15: New phone or new clothes each year?

Definitely new clothes,as a girl what could you expect from me...Lol, I am not in the favour of buying a new phone every year.I run my phone as long as it can.Last time I changed my phone after 3 years when it had some problem.

16: Low technology or high tech?

High tech,because now it's essential for human life and play an important part in our lives.

17:Small gathering or a huge party?

Small gathering with my friends,that's all I wish because I feel myself comfortable in small gatherings.

18:Do laundry all year long or wash dishes?

Washing dishes is easy for me as I always find it difficult to do laundry so I barely made my mind to do it atleast for once in two weeks when I feel lack of my

19:Play football or basketball?

I will definitely choose to play football because I played it alot in my high school.But I never played basket ball even for once,so it seems me a difficult sport.

20:Be excellent in jogging or bike riding?

I am excellent in jogging because I can't forget the day when I fell down while riding a bike..Loll.Even my cousin's were there and laughing hardly at me.After this bad experience,I never go for it.

Lol....That's all for today.I hope you enjoyed reading.It was really a great fun to answer such questions.

Thanks for reading.

Lead image is from unsuplash.

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Written by   118
3 months ago
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Wow, we really have the same answer to some of the questions :) I enjoyed reading this and your reasons why you chose those.

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2 months ago

Thank you for your time to read my article,I am happy you enjoyed reading.

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2 months ago

So interesting, that is the world we 're into

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2 months ago

Hey... Hey... Hey... It’s like I am in an interrogation office and someone asking me those questions. MCQ options.... But it's very nice to know about your choices.

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2 months ago

I am glad you enjoyed reading.

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2 months ago

Approve your sponsorship

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2 months ago

Thank you so much for your generosity.I am glad.

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2 months ago


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2 months ago

Omg you are literally me.... If I have to make a post re-answering all these questions, I woud write the same.. wow

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3 months ago what are waiting for,let us know about you.

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3 months ago