She get served, what she deserve!

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There was a couple who got happily married, but after five years of their marriage, the husband lost his job. He tried hard to get a stable job, but he hardly finds a job of salesman. But his income was not enough to cater his daily needs, as he had two children, and his parents along his wife. But still, he was striving hard to provide his wife, every facility in her life.

But she was an ungrateful lady, who can't survive with the more or little his husband was providing. Every day she fought with him, for one or two things. One day, she got an invitation of a party at her friend's house. She was excited, but sad at the same time, as she wanted to buy a new dress, but her husband of out of money. He tried hard to make her realize his problem, but she was not agreed to hear anything.

He asked his friend to lend him some money, and friend was agreed. So he left for his home to get money from him. But on his way back to home, some robbers attacked him, and asked him give them money. He denied to give money, so they shot him on his leg. He fell on the ground, the robbers snatched his money, and ran away immediately.

He was shouting for help, as blood was running fast from his left leg. Finally, people dropped him at the hospital, where he was given the first aid. His family was also informed about it, and luckily his life was saved. In few days, he was discharged. But now the real trial began, as he was on bed, so couldn't go to earn money for his family.

No one from their relatives, come to help them, as they were passing from the difficult time. With every passing day, the life was turning hell for them, and complains of his wife were also increasing day by day. One day, she went to the market for grocery, and suddenly saw her Ex boyfriend.

They both were happy to see each other after a long time, so decided to have a coffee together. While having gossips, she told him about her miserable life. He was a cunning man, he made her realize that she deserve a better life, than the one she is living now. They take each other contact, and decided to meet every weekend in the same restaurant.

In few weeks, her mind was totally changed, and she decided to left her husband to start a new life with her x boyfriend. She never cared for her two children, and prefer her happiness upon everything. So one day she went to the court to file a divorce. Her husband was shocked to see the behavior of his wife, and he did his best to make her stay, but she was not in mood to hear or understand anything.

So finally, she moved from her husband's house, and even left her children with him. He cried hard, but he never let his agony take over him. Now he was fully recovered, so he again applied for a job, and luckily succeed to get a good job in textile mill as a manager. Now the only aim of his life to gather enough money, to provide good life to his children. The poverty which was surrounded him, slowly replaced with the prosperity soon. Now he was living a happy life with his children.

One day, he went to the shelter home for charity, where he happened to see his wife, who was sitting miserly in a corner. He was astonished to see her plight, and move ahead to ask the reason of her this situation. She was badly weeping, while she told her x husband, about what happened to her.

Her boyfriend, for whom she left her husband, and children, also left her after few weeks of their marriage, and she was left with no option expect to move to the shelter home. Actually it was her Karma, which was served accurately.

Thanks for reading.

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Topics: Karma, Agony


Karma is truly a b*tch. It is indeed true that you will reap what you sow. I know this is wrong but she get what she deserve.

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Right dear, she wouldn't left her husband in his difficult time.

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