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Facts -

Our village was quite empty then.

There were twenty houses in the whole village

Doubt whether. Since the house is low, therefore

People are less. No noise, silent

Quiet surroundings.

How to walk at noon during the day

As if scared. Special

Big in our village

There were a few trees - gab trees and bot

Trees. We are on the edge of these trees-

I would not go near. Because parents are all

Time would have warned us, all this

There are ghosts in the trees. Whenever I get a chance

The neck will twitch.

It is true that parents,

That could be understood from the branches of the trees

Just look at the turn. What a big deal

Pulses! One by one the branches are the bushes of the kingdom.

If there are ten ghosts in each branch

He sits down and talks, but no one notices

Will not get

Next to us

A boy used to come to visit the house

Often. The boy's name was Karim.

Two years older than me in age

Was. But he is with me

Mixed way, I think

I would have been younger than him.

We had various plans

Together. Where to go fishing,

When to go find a bird's nest, car

I will eat the fruit of the tree - all decisions

I would have taken it

With Asar. But these

The plan is where we are

No. Because

When mother and father heard that only on the back

Ta-ina, a couple of meals off

Can keep. That is why we are silent

I would go out of the house. Mind

The two of them openly advised Buddhi

I used to enter the house with. If anything

Feeling that fear.

Once upon a time

Karim came to visit on holiday. Come on

He ran to our house.

I was sleeping. Karim

I fell asleep after being pushed. That's something

Saying no is a sign to go to Dilobair

For. I did not say anything.

Get out of the house

I went straight and stood in the barn

On the narrow path at the back of the house. Then

Good exchange between the two

I went to Bilpar. That's it

In between Karim said this time he is the whole one

There will be weeks. The test is over, so

School closure. Hearing that, I jumped up

With joy. One week two one

Never before had the good fortune to be with

Didn't. Karim said, “All week

I want to make the plan now. ”

But where to sit? Lots of bills

People. Everyone is watching the bill.

The bill almost dried up

From the neighborhood boys fish

When it comes to stealing, that's it. No loneliness

No place.

I looked around

Only the bottom floor is empty. But

I have the courage to go and sit on the floor

No. Who knows when over the neck

The ghost jumped. Karim too

Explained. Said, “So scared

Life does not go away. Besides, no one

So don't tie us up. Ghosts

When I find Anagona, I will run away.

We don't know less about running. First of all

Yes. The biggest thing is somewhere else

There is no secluded place. ” Therefore

We went and sat on the floor.

My chest began to tremble with fear

I let Karim understand that

Not ashamed.

Karim started making various plans

Did. I just don't say much

Yes, yes, I started to go. And

I looked at the banyan tree again and again

Towards the pulse bushes. Karim

Lots of plans

There was a plan in between - the next day

Very early in the morning we fish in the bill

I'll get off. Don't steal, ours

I will catch it from the ground. Big fish with their own hands

There is a joy in catching.

Also fish everyone in the morning

To surprise with

The matter is there. I agree

Revealed with Karim.

The decision was to call for Fajr

Immediately he called me

Will give. I was then

I will go out slowly.

The conversation is over

So we got up

From sitting. Home

More bay to raise towards Pabara

How many times have I looked at the stalks?

I asked Karim, “Well,

All our suggestions are ghosts

Didn't you hear? Karim laughed and said,

“Don't say that! Ghosts

We don't have to work after eating

Come to hear. Listen,

Get rid of these weird thoughts from your head. ”

I came home. A little at night

I went to bed after studying. But

There was no sleep. Just

It seemed - when to call to prayer, and when

I'll go to the bill. I was moving from side to side.

I got up from bed and sat down

Four times. Then suddenly when I fall asleep,

Didn't notice. Knocking sound

Is at the door. Sleep immediately

I broke down. The neck is high

I looked at the bed next to me. Although

Not visible for the dark, though

I understood when I heard the nose call

Brother is fast asleep. Therefore

I left the house in peace.

I will come out and see

There are fishing equipment standing

With His face in the dark

Not seen. But so dark

I don't understand why. During the call to prayer

So often get up. Another day

So it is not so dark. I think so

There are many clouds in the sky today.

I knocked on my father's door a few times

I looked at him and started walking

Following Karim. One and a half minutes

I reached Bilpar.

Karim's face was still clear for the darkness

Not seen.

I asked him,

“Fish in such darkness

Is it okay to get down? ” He said

"Hey, nothing will happen.

People are late

May come. ”

Karim's voice sounds different

It seemed like. Looks like someone else

Talking. I was not surprised. Because

When I woke up, my voice was a little different

It takes. Karim

Mango seemed to be in such a hurry

I did not get a chance to object.

I rolled up my clothes and went down

Bill. Karim also rolled up his clothes.

But before getting off

He hid a bundle in the bush

In I just looked at him

He rebuked, “That work

You came to do it, do it.

Don't talk so much. ”

This time Karim's throat is not just different,

Sounds absolutely weird.

I looked at him carefully.

He immediately turned around. Then

The long, long legs began to move forward

Towards the ditch. That's how it is in the bill

Even if there is no water, there is a lot of food

Water. Anyone will drown. But

Karim jumped into the ditch.

He started calling me, “Come on

Income. There is not much water, do not drown. ”

I shouted, “No, I won't come.

Lots of water in the ditch. I will drown. ” Karim

Regmege said,

“Who said a lot of water!

You can't see my knees

Water? ”

? ” Although for the dark

Not seen, though

I looked well

Honestly knees

Karim is standing in the water.

Seeing that, I am absolutely th.

At least five hands in that ditch

There will be water, whether its there


Suddenly I shake my hand

Began to pull. But .khad

From how he is so fast

Came closer, held hands-

I did not understand. I hand

Whoever wants to get rid of it

I looked at the hand,

I see he is standing in the ditch. His

My hands became longer and longer

Caught. Not only that, but still

Pulling me down the ditch.

And I'm trying hard to hand

To take over. Once I realized

Someone grabbed me by the throat.

Then I can't say anything more.

Who is mine?

Sprinkle cold water on the face

I opened my eyes and saw my parents and brother

Hundreds of people in the village

Surrounds me So many people

Why? Just to ask

I found out that at night I was a ghost

I was caught. I will do that

There were no ghosts. And still night

There were three hours left in Pohat.

Karim came just in time. Repeatedly at the door

When there was no response even after knocking,

Then he called me.

The brother woke up.

They look for me without seeing me at home

That's it. At one time they rescued me

From the bill. Everyone sure, r

After a while, I will go

Could not be found alive.

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