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I got her back

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Written by Β Β 13
1 year ago

Some day's ago i lost my love.!πŸ˜”πŸ’” cause her mom know everything and let her to break the relationship and give her sowire and she was really scared and her mom took the phone.. Our contact was totally off for 1 month 18 days.. Then she convince her mom and get the phone back but her momo give her so many conditions and tell her to not contact me.. I was really in depression badly.. But now she came back... But our relationship is stop for 3 years... She said when the time came talk to my parents and manage them then we will again continue our relationship.. And i agree with her... Now we talk to her like e friend but she said that "Baby No matter the situation is i will always with you don't worry.." Now i am happy because she is with me😊

Maybe it's call true love.. And one day God will fixed everything..! And i will do everything to get her back... I really love you my love 😊

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