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THE MOTHER: Chapter 1 - The Ambulance

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1 month ago

It was the 5:00 in the afternoon of the 4th of March, 2019, when the ambulance arrived at Mari's doorstep. They came after she called 911. Her mom, her her biggest angina attack, her jaw was locked; she pointed out her eyes, as if telling me, I can no longer see. With much fear and worries, Mari tried to talk to her and prayed with her; insert that spoon-thing inside her mouth, but she just can't. She embraced her fainted body tightly comforting her that they still can do it..she will still survive. As Mari hear the sirens of the ambulance, the sound of the stretcher and the rescuers themselves made her heart beats faster...asking the Lord, is this really the time? But, she have to stay positive as tears fall from my melancholic and worried eyes. Her mom's body was already lifeless on our way to the hospital. Her blood pressure drops and pulse cannot be detected anymore. She was given an oxygen but same thing, she was still lifeless. Her body was already yellowish and cold. The hospital was just a 5-minute ride on a normal situation, but that feels like half an hour had already passed by.

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