White_touch Episode: 1

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A while ago my husband bought me a sari with red and white mix. He gave me the saree with his own hands. Because? Because today for my second marriage I will come to see the pot party.

It's ridiculous, but it's true.

Now he expects me to get ready and go in front of the pot party in the afternoon.

Arha muttered the words in one breath. Couldn't hear the answer from the other side of the mobile phone. Because Sarb has already entered the room.

He looked at Arhar, sighed and walked slowly.

Scattered on the floor of the whole room are pieces of sari bought a while ago. But such a sari is quite preferred by Arhar.

"Amalki! What is this? They will leave after a while. And why did you cut the sari? Well, leave it out. Then either drop this black sari."

The tears in Arhar's eyes are constantly falling in anger. Quickly stepping forward, Arha grabbed Sarab's collar with a strong hand and said in an angry voice,

"Did you get the nonsense? What's this? Are you just kidding me? If you're kidding, I'm telling you to stop now. If not, it'll be too bad."

He smiled loudly and passed Arha and said,

"The tension of love is going on, darling. The real lover is the one who wants to see the happiest person in love, even if he is unhappy."

"You mean, like, saltines and their ilk, eh?"

"Every human being has some dreams and some wants in his life. When he becomes empty as he wants, he has to give up the hand of his beloved man. I want a child."

"Did the doctor report? What's in the report? Wait, am I infertile?"

Sarab's gaze has been out for so long but now his fixed gaze is on Arhar. Arhar's voice was vague during the last speech. Somehow he managed to get used to himself on one side of the bed.

Sarab is trying hard to handle Arha, to give a strong hand, but this is not possible. Sometimes our destiny does not create a situation where we are all nothing but toys in the hands of destiny.

"You are a woman. You may know your own strengths and disabilities. But I want children, Amalki.

"Doctor confirmed? If so, you can get married. I gave permission. But don't say that."

"You are my responsibility. I want to see you happy at first. But yes, I also want to have a child. Like every girl, every boy has a latent wish that one day his part will come into the world. Everyone will call him the father of the child. He will be adopted in old age. But I can't auction off your happiness in return. "

"If the problem is mine, why would you marry me? You get married বিয়ে even if you don't think about me."

"You don't understand why? It's not like that."

When the flame of the extinguished lamp suddenly burns, it burns just as it burns. He shouted twice,

"Today you got the report, you know I can't be a mother and you fixed the pot for me in one day? You just have to marry someone who can give you children. Why are you showing me so much headache? Your problem is me I will leave but now you leave. I do not want to see your face. Pray to God that you will not see my face again. Yet God is so emotional for me because of the lock. Stop the torture. Otherwise, I won't even think twice about committing suicide. "

At this point, Arha pushes Sarab out of the room. Arha closed the door of the room and started crying.

The look of insult was clear on Sarab's eyes. In a strong voice with a strong jaw, he addressed Arha who was standing next to the door and said,

"Exactly nine o'clock. The pot side will come at nine o'clock. It will be ready. Otherwise no one will be worse than me.

Monowara Begum was watching the boy and his son's wife in silence for so long. He doesn't know what happened, why he is doing that. Even this morning everything was fine. But what happened now. Arha is not such a girl, she is a very intelligent girl. Sarab does not disobey any word. The quarrel is far away. In their three years of married life, they have never had a monogamy. What happened today?

With a sigh, Monwara Begum walked towards Arhar's room. On the other side of the door, you can hear the sound of Arhar's humming clearly. He quickly brought a bunch of keys, opened the door and entered the room

Arha is lying on the floor. My mind was racing with unknown fears. But what sound has killed the girl.

Looking at the touch of someone's head on her head, Arha burst into tears again. Trying to keep himself normal, he said,

"Mother! I will never be a mother. Bidhata did not give me that power. So can your son hand me over to someone else? The problem is that he can only marry me. I am not just a wife. But he Why do you want to marry me? What's wrong with me? "

Monowara Begum did not understand Arhar's words. She pulled out Arhar's sari and brought it out of the room and brought it to her room. There is only one word going on in the brain. If Arha can't be a mother then why Sarab wants to marry her?

Monowara Begum was carefully putting Arha to sleep in her room. Sarb came back at half past eight in the night. With the report in hand. Leaning on the sofa in the living room, he looked at the report once more. There is nothing wrong with that. All is true After a while the legs extend to the purpose of the room. Thought Arha might lock the door of the room but the door opened as soon as he pushed it. There is no Arha in the room.

I think a cloud of fear has gathered, maybe it will rain right away with two eyes, but Sarb knows how to handle himself.

"Arha in my room."

Mother's words back loudly. The only son of Sarab Ehsan, the late Osman Ehsan and Monowara Begum. Sarab's sister Brinta Ehsan. There were two sons and a daughter. He got married four years ago. After Vranta's marriage, Arha got a new boy just like his other daughter. After the marriage of Vrntar, water started accumulating in Mr. Osman's brain. He did not have much time in his hands. So quickly he wanted to bring the boy's wife. Arha is his favorite wife. Her husband's last deposit to Monowara Begum. Arha who she means as a daughter, not a daughter-in-law. And Monowara Begum is standing here to explain why her son is doing this to that girl.

"Tell Mom to get ready! Because the pot party is coming to see."

Monwara Begum slapped Sarab on the cheek.

"Aren't you ashamed? Did your father teach you this? How dare you say that?"

"Because your son is incapable. You will never be able to give birth to a baby in his empty lap. The Creator did not give your son that power."

Monwara Begum looked at the boy with sad eyes and asked,

"Once you say you can't be a father, then Arha says you can't be a mother. Can you tell me what's going on?"

He handed the report to his mother and said loudly,

"I lied to Arha, mother. If she knows my disability, she will not leave me. She will suffer like this for the rest of her life. People in the society will listen to me. I can't accept this. Mother, I request you not to tell Arha who I am. My darling will be happy. So that's all. You may say how crazy you are! Isn't it? Maybe one day in life you will know what is happening today is all lies. But there will be no regrets that day because she will have her own child then. This society will never see the problem. I want Arha to hate me for today's use, to insist on me, to insist on getting out of this house with self-respect. I want to be able to rearrange my life. The sweetest feeling is the white touch. Can I auction off the happiness and feelings of Arhar because I don't have that ability? I can't, mother. Your son is very selfish. He is doing this for his own sake. "

It will continue


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