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Neera's mother died yesterday. He's just fainting again and again. I love my mother very much. I used to wake up every morning and call my mother. He used to tell his mother about his grief. If I told him something for some time, he would not be able to hold me. I used to tell everyone. Nira is seven brothers and sisters. Everyone is fairly educated. They are scattered all over Bengal due to their jobs. The mother lived in the village house with her eldest son Mastermashai. By this time the mother's burial is supposed to be shrouded. Not everyone has arrived yet. Neera's husband Latif has not come yet. Nira has brought her mother-in-law and children. This bad news, even before entering the house, he did not hear. The mother-in-law was hiding from him. Said, your older brother is sick and told you to go see. Nira did not leave her mother-in-law alone at home. I thought, I will not be able to return after a whole day's journey. Before entering his father's house, seeing the crowd of people, his mind became 'bad'. He lost consciousness before entering the house.

Her mother-in-law repeatedly says,

- Mother dies. You are not dead. Why are you doing such madness?

Nira thought her mother-in-law would say,

- What happened to your mother? I'm here. I am your mother too. No, that's not saying.

Finally came Neera's sage brother. Sage Bhai's wife is a professor at a renowned college in Dhaka. Maybe he would come to see his mother later. Great smart lady.

Neera's mother-in-law started wandering around her. Saying again,

- Grandma, don't cry anymore. I'll tell you something, I thought. That's it. That is what you thought a while ago, from Dhaka. You have seen the gray sari she is wearing.

Neera doesn't have the mentality to look at anyone's sari now. Yet he said, 'Say it.'

- I like the saree very much, mother-in-law said.

Nira is surprised and speechless. In this situation one can tell the story of sari jewelry. Nira doesn't like her mother-in-law. On the wedding day, the wife saw him and said,

- Same wife for my Chandpana son. Oto is not my son's nail yogi.

Nira could not see her mother-in-law and her husband. Latif was then Major. Sierra Leone is going on a peace mission. Nira's mother-in-law will never leave her son without marriage. Time in hand is two / three days. He necessarily sent his brother to see the bride. That means Neera's younger uncle is father-in-law. Nira has just graduated from university and has joined a private college as a lecturer. In the college office room, his mother-in-law asks him, '

- Do you know about your marriage proposal?

He said, no; This is my family's business. Whatever they decide. So be it.

That's why he likes his teacher. Then he liked this word so much. He melted right there. Today's girls have relationships with thousands of boys. It is difficult to find a girl to talk like that.

Latif got married a day before leaving. He still remembers that Latif also didn't like Nira. Because the structure of his body is very strange. The throat is very thin. The head is placed separately. Much like a duck's neck. Nira lying on one side of the bed. Latif on the other hand. Talking,

- Take care of my mother. Listen to what my mother has to say. But mother can't take anyone as her own in a hurry. You don't seem to like it.

Latif fell asleep after saying these words. Hearing all this, Nira could not sleep at all. I cried almost all night. This is how family marriages are. Thoughts and love are rarely found in a couple. Living side by side, maybe one day Maya and love will come between them. There are also husbands and wives who live together but do not like anyone and continue the family on the basis of compromise.

Latif left on a six o'clock flight the next morning. There is no end to Nira's complacency. Such a beautiful moon will get the blessing of the face, never thought. Then slowly the family began to grow. Now Latif understands him. Mother of two children. Still, the mother-in-law's mind did not melt. Nira is to blame for everything. He used to say, why do you drink water with such a sound? Why do you chuck chuck to eat rice? The structure of your body is very strange. Is that the people?

Nira is constantly trying. Like this man, once said goodbye to him. It's going to be ten years of married life. Never said, I like this thing of yours. She saw that, for her mother-in-law, the other children actually came up with something. I called everyone from other houses in the vicinity and saw them. But he did not show the thing he bought to anyone.

Nira is trying to run the family, children and job in three equal rhythms. The girl is. The structure of the girl's body is similar to that of Nira. The mother-in-law said, the crow will not be born in the crow's house. Grandchildren and great-grandchildren are absolutely found by grandparents. Nira is the next girl. The pull towards him may be less. Later he used to caress his granddaughter very much. When she gave birth to a second child.

The mother-in-law is angry. Said,

- I don't have the age to have a son. If having a child is a hobby, what is the need to get a job? I am not someone's slave.

But Nira never wanted him to suffer. So he would work all day and go out. The maid used to work twice. Neera did not like this commotion. So he quit his job after becoming a boy.

Neera has been having kidney problems for the last two years. CMH shows the doctor. Even then you have to go to Dhaka sometimes. Latif has now been posted in Comilla. The mother-in-law wants to go to the village as she has moved closer to her district. Latif took his mother with him. Every time you take it, bring it with you. Coming closer from the city to the village, the village just keeps pulling. The smell of the village soil is good.

Nira went to Dhaka last December to see a doctor. She called her fianc and asked, where did the sari come from? Dhaka's Arang's sari. Harassing Arang's showrooms. I saw a lot of gray sari. However, the design does not match. Finally bought a saffron colored sari near the design.

When he brought the sari, he gave it to his mother-in-law. Then I saw the smile on his face for the first time. She thought, maybe this time she will show the sari to everyone. No, I did not show the sari to anyone. And didn't even show Latif. He did not show Nira even after one day. Even then she was able to at least fulfill the wishes of a satisfied mother-in-law.

For the last one month I have been restless to go to the village. Coronation is just beginning. March 10/12. He told Latif,

- Let him go. Come from the village for a few days.

Latif agreed. Went out to the village for about a week. Went to the wedding of a distant relative. He turned around and returned home happy. The mood is lively. Looks impossibly beautiful. Mother-in-law is feeling great love. Nira is walking in front of and behind her all the time. He is also upset. Said,

- All day long, ma'am, ma'am, why are you following me? Mira does not know the answer to this question.

Coronation is going on in Bangladesh. House arrest Strict lockdown. In the meantime, the mother-in-law died of a slight fever. The doctor said he had a stroke. Arrived at the village with the body. Niradera mask on everyone's face. Wearing gloves. But in the village the name Corona does not smell. Everyone is running. She is hugging him. Some are crying. Nira is crying profusely. Murabbi says over his head, there is no one left. Within a year, he lost two mothers. Even in this corona, his brother-in-law, brother-in-law and Nanad have all come.

The people of the village are coming in groups. To take a look at Latif's wife. Blessed father's daughter. Nira's turn to be surprised. The mother-in-law came to that village last month. Then he told stories to everyone. Said,

- My Latif's wife is a very good girl. The saree brought by Neera was shown to everyone in the village. Said,

--The girl loves me like her own mother.

Nira's ten years of family life are still comforting, her mother-in-law admitted before she died. He heard that people speak the truth before they die or even once. I realized that today. The saying 'If you love, love will match' came true for him. Nira loved him. The mind was filled with self-satisfaction. She is very satisfied today. Because to the simple people of the village, he has made a name for himself. Those who beat the little words from sesame. Everyone is hugging Nira. Someone is cuddling. Neera looks great. So much love, so much love, what does he owe? Satisfied, her chest swells with joy.


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