Columbus_500_years ago Discovered ‘America’ Muslim scientist #Al_Biruni

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# Columbus_500_years ago Discovered ‘America’ Muslim scientist #Al_Biruni --- / \ --- / \ ----- / \ --- / \ --- # Secret_history

#America_discovered by Abu Raihan #Al_Biruni, a Muslim scholar from Central Asia, about 500 years before the voyage of the Spanish sailor Christopher Columbus. Al-Biruni was born in 963 in present-day Uzbekistan. This history has been suppressed with the story of Columbus's expedition. Christopher Columbus sailed his ship in 1496 Abu Rayhan al-Biruni, a Muslim scientist, discovered America 500 years before Columbus, not Columbus. But the whole world has known for so long that the Spanish sailor Columbus discovered America. Al-Biruni discovered America long before 1498. Al-Biruni was the first pioneer in the discovery of unknown lands in Asia and Europe. His eyes were unknown, the inventor of the 11th century, al-Biruni did not just America, Western Europe, starting from geography scholar was this scholar in the eyes of the whole of Africa, East Asia and the world at one-fifth. Al-Biruni could not go to America physically due to physical reasons. But he has done everything in the measure-joke. Like the Greek philosophers Claudius Ptolemy and Pythagoras, al-Biruni studied geography. He knew the languages ​​of many countries including the Middle East, North-West and India. Surprisingly, the basis on which Columbus spoke of his own views on the discovery of America is almost entirely consistent with the theories of al-Farhani (al-Biruni's teacher) and al-Biruni. Columbus may have forgotten to note that al-Farhani used Arabian miles instead of Roman miles when traveling. Even Columbus never thought of discovering America. After boarding the ship, Columbus first thought that he might go to Asia or Europe. Although the Muslim scholar discovered America, the name of Columbus came to light. Source:

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