Belly flower cultivation

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Belly flower cultivation

Belly flower cultivation

Belly is valued as a bouquet of flowers and fragrant flowers used in most of the festivals in Bangladesh. Beliful is used in festivals and ceremonies. It is a lush flower.


Three varieties of belly flowers can be seen. E.g .:

1. Single type and more fragrant.

2. Medium size and double type.

3. Large double type.


Propagated by belly flower cocoon pen, chess pen and pulse pen method.

Land cultivation and fertilizer application

Belly flowers can be cultivated in all types of soils except sandy soils and heavy clayey soils. It is better to have irrigation and drainage system in the land. The land should be plowed and leveled with 4-5 cultivations and ladders. Organic fertilizers, urea, phosphate and MP should be applied while preparing the land. Seedlings should be planted at intervals of about 1 m. Irrigation should be done by applying urea after planting.

Making pens or seedlings

Belly flower cuttings or seedlings can be made from late summer to late monsoon. Seedling to seedling and row to row distance 50 cm. Must be. To plant the seedlings, the hole should be filled with sun soil, organic manure and wood ash mixed with the soil of the hole. Then put a belly pen in each hole. It is better to plant in the rainy season or towards the end of the rainy season. However, if the irrigation system is good, pens can be made even in spring.

Planting seedlings in tubs

Belly flowers can be grown in tubs by mixing urea, TSP and MP fertilizers in loamy soils with organic matter. The tub can be placed on the porch of the house or on the roof of the house.



There is always a need to have sap in the land for belly flower cultivation. 10-12 consecutive days in summer, 15-20 consecutive days in winter and 2-1 irrigations should be given if the rains are not timely in the rainy season.

Weed control

Regular weeding should be done from the ground or tub. If straw is cut and spread on the land, the need for irrigation is less and weeds cannot grow more.

Organ trimming

Every year the branches of the belly flower tree need to be pruned. Pulses should be pruned in the middle of winter. 30 cm from the top layer of soil. Belly flowering plants should be pruned on top. Fertilizer should be applied to the soil or tub a few days after pruning.

Disease pest management

Harmful insects are not seen in the belly flower tree. However, spiders can attack. In their attack, white coating falls on the leaves, the affected leaves curl and become round. Spiders can be controlled by spraying sulfur powder or sulfur spray on the leaves such as saltaf, kelthane etc.

A type of fungal disease with yellow spots is seen on the leaves of belly flowers. This disease can be controlled by applying Agrosan or Tresel-2.


The tree blooms from February to July. Yield increases every year. The yield is higher in creeping belly. Usually after 5-6 years the trees are cut down and new saplings are planted.

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