"My First Earning Of Uptrennd"

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"My First Earning Of Uptrennd"

Assalam o alikum..!!

I hope you are all well and enjoying life.


I joined this platform in April 2019 which my cousin made me ID through your referral. I had no idea when my cousins ​​were using it. And I couldn't believe it That money is made from such platforms. When one day my cousins ​​made money from it, then I became convinced that I really should work on this platform.

Before the Corona epidemic, I rarely worked on this platform. Because our colleges were open. When the Karuna epidemic started, I started working hard on it. Make lots of friends on this platform. Got to learn a lot. The happiest thing for me here is that I have learned a lot along with earning here.

"My First Earning Of Uptrennd"

"First withdrawa"

I made my first withdrawa here in August 2020 when I had 1380 1up. Shortly afterwards, I planted another withdrawal of 500 1up which became a total of 1880 1up. At that time the rate of 1up was much better so I immediately sent 1880 to 10500 PKR.

At that time I was very happy because for the first time in my life I made money from an online platform. Since then I have been a part of this platform and will continue to be so in the future.

When I first made money from here, I got a new mobile phone for myself. I had an old mobile phone before the one I am using today.



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May I ask how to edit a profile in uptrend and also how to upload pictures to support my article

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