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Life of Chittapriya

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1 month ago

It has been six years since Chittapriya Chatterjee retired but his health is still strong. The gentleman's wife passed away three years ago. He was bedridden for about three years before leaving. Chittapriya did not make any mistake in his treatment. But after living with a dying man for three years, the grief is lessened and he remains steadfast after his wife's death. Now he spends his time reading books and writing regular letters to his children. The eldest son Anutosh is in Madras with his family. Good job there. Daughter Ananya is in Delhi. They all locked him in his house in Calcutta and asked him to go to them. Chittapriya did not agree. He is relying on a servant.

Since he did not become emotionally disabled despite his advanced age, his way of life was a little different. Every morning he walks four kilometers after sneakers. It has been twenty years since he gave up alcohol or cigarettes. Not eating meat and eggs lately. He did not even think of taking initiation, he was not even interested in all these things. There is no picture of Thakur in the house. Lately his hobby is going for a walk. It would not be right to leave without seeing the various sights of India.

But nowadays there is so much disorder around that one does not dare to go despite the desire. What a mess with a train ticket. In the end, Chittapriya decided to be a partner of a famous 'special' company. Maybe we won't turn around at will. But money can be worry-free.

That's how it was arranged. Haridwar on Dun Express. From there Kedar and Badrinath became Hrishikesh. At first I was a little uncomfortable because of the smell of pilgrimage on the names, then I thought that the natural attraction of the places is not less. He is not going to achieve virtue. You will see nature with all your heart. Therefore, leaving the family in the hands of the servant, he came to the station one evening with a suitcase.

People are giggling on the platform in front of the room where they are supposed to go. Most of the elderly people have come to say goodbye to their families. Managers are repeatedly warned not to be careless. The girl is getting up in the room and tidying up her mother's belongings so that there is no problem. The boy is reminding the father to take medicine on time. Chittapriya noticed that most of the passengers were old and had no relatives. Why did the relatives who came to say goodbye not accompany him when he was so worried?

Chittapriya's nature is not to talk to anyone. Shortly after leaving the train, he noticed that so many unfamiliar old people had begun to talk to each other in such a way that the smell of unfamiliarity could not be found.

One of the two seats facing the window by the side of the passage was allotted to Chittapriya. Chittapriya wanted so. You don't have to sit face to face with anyone. No one will be able to start talking by raising his voice. Shortly after leaving the train, he opened a book and sat down. Bought an English thriller from the platform before boarding the train. But the speed of light is so low that it is not going to read well. Or you have to change the power of the glasses. Chittapriya closed the book. No, he is really old now. The body is fat but the skin is loose, wrinkled. There are several folds under the eyes. He did not notice when these came unknowingly. It is difficult to get up to the fourth floor. Can't even think of running. What's wrong with the eyes!

The person sitting in the seat opposite Chittapriya is also old. This room is crowded with people of last age. The old man said, ‘My bed is upstairs. Tell me, how do you get up with this body? I said so much to give the lower berth, but did not listen. Is this the first time? '

Chittapriya shook his head. No, he didn't say anything. Talking will increase the talk. And there is no doubt that he is the name of the allegation. People are always dissatisfied with age.

At this point another old man somehow managed to sway the train and stood up, ‘Oh Harihar! He agreed.

‘Done?’ The old man on the opposite side sat up straight. ‘Why not? Do any of the five old men want to sit alone? I said, if you have difficulty here, you can go to the single seat. Harihar is there, if you say so, he will leave. '

The old man said, ‘But my sleeping berth is upstairs. How old is he? '

‘It will be in the sixties. I will send it here first and then we will see. Bring your belongings, you can go and gossip. '

Chittapriya was quite uncomfortable as the two old men moved around with their belongings. If a woman is sitting on the opposite side, there is a lot of trouble. He may have to leave his lower berth and go upstairs. No, he won't get up. He got the berth because he piped it while paying the money. Not willing to give up now. Best of all, don't talk, don't indulge, and then don't wear the mask of politeness. Chittapriya opened the book again. Despite not being able to see well, he felt that he was falling with deep attention. A little later the suitcase arrived. With white cloth. Chittapriya did not look up. If someone is sitting in the opposite seat, how long can you not see?

To be continued..

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Written by   56
1 month ago
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