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Foot up II

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1 week ago

This is the first time I heard the name of Mejho's wife in the face of her mother-in-law Mejho's wife's name is Tarana. Then the mother-in-law said, "Wasn't Sultana's new wife new? Wasn't your sister Nandita new? Belly's daughter Belly from Junction was not new? No one could give me a grandson. Who will eat my house, this property, so much money? Who will see?"

Tarana Bhabhi remained silent. Then mother-in-law Tarana will tell Bhabhi,

"Shut up, Mejho Bou? You Baja girl. I like Baja's line in my house."

Then the mother-in-law looked at me and said, "You have to give anklets to your grandson this time. I have to give this." Tarana Bhabhi had two cups of tea in her hand. Mother-in-law Tarana asked Bhabhi, "Who said these people have two cups of tea? I eat two cups?"

"No, for a cup of anklets."

The mother-in-law got up from the bed and threw the tray in Tarana Bhabhi's hand. The cup of tea fell down and broke with a clang. The mother-in-law started slapping Tarana Bhabhi on the cheek. Hearing the sound from the next room, Sultana Bhabi came. The mother-in-law said as soon as Sultana entered the future room

"I'll come to Matubbari and go to my father's house. I left it for work, now the new wife has come. You don't need it anymore."

Sultana Bhabi never came forward. Tarana beat Bhabhi that day. Mother-in-law Tarana continued to tell Bhabhi

"Can you give me so much tea for the new girl? Can you give her tea? She has no arms or legs?"

The mother-in-law looked at me and asked me,

"Kire Fakinni's house girl, you don't have arms or legs?"


"This Fakinni's baichcha, don't answer on the face."

I didn't think he would answer. Although he replied, he said no answer on his face. Then the mother-in-law left Tarana Bhabi and told me,

"Come and clean the glass of the floor. And make tea for me and bring it. From today I will make my own tea. I will stay away from the two Baja girls. How?"

I nodded yes.

Then the mother-in-law said again,

"Both of them are Baja. I will not cast shadows on them. Not one of them could give happiness to the child. None of them gave my grandson. They gave Baja to the girl, but the girl died in the mother's house.

I listened to the words in silence. I started to get scared inside. What I would do, how I would do it, how I would stay in this house were all ending me inside.

In the afternoon, my mother-in-law called me, Sultana Bhabhi and Tarana Bhabhi together. Tarana told Bhabhi to take out the green cotton from her cupboard and put it on me. Then decorate. My parents will come to see me at noon.

The mother-in-law asked me,

"How many will they come?"

I nodded and replied, "I don't know."

The mother-in-law said,

"Your father said they would come like fifteen."

Sultana said to her future mother-in-law,


"Am I alive? Did I tell you to think? The food will come from outside. Don't worry about it. And I'm telling Sultana and Tarana not to show any kind of bad behavior to Nupur's family members."

Tarana Bhabi and Sultana Bhabi shook their heads together. My sister-in-law brought one of her gowns in front of me and said,

"Put it on in the future."

Tarana Bhabhi said,

"I'm giving Muna. Give it to me."

The mother-in-law got angry then. Tarana told Bhabhi

"Who did Muna say? You play? Or Nupur?"

Tarana Bhabhi remained silent.

That afternoon my uncle and aunt came to our house. My aunt looked around my room. Aunt said to mother,

"Nupur's luck is good."

I saw a strange change in Salman that day. Salman is talking to everyone with a smile. Giving up food. I asked my little uncle,

"You all know the story?"

My uncle laughed and said,

"I know Ray. You have Satin's house. Tell me what else to do? Fate is not bad. There is money, there is a house. This is life. What else do you want?"

I was shocked to hear this from my uncle's mouth. Everyone knows everything. But I did not know. I took my mother to the verandah next to the kitchen and asked,

"Why ruin my life?"

Mother broke down in tears that day. He hugged me and said,

"Murray, your father-in-law got one lakh from your father. The house rent was four months left. Your father also needed cash. The son-in-law paid your father three lakh rupees in cash. The house rent was waived. He also said, we need to rent another house." No, they want you in return, mother! We are very greedy parents. That's how I ended your life. Forgive me if you can, Ray. Forgive me! "

I started crying. I told my mother

"Am I your daughter? Did you hold me in your stomach?"

Mother was silent then. We did not notice when Tarana Bhabi came and stood behind him. Tarana Bhabhi hugged me and said,

"Sister Ray, for the sake of money, my own sister also married a heretic. Then she left because she didn't have children. You don't think that you have come to Satin's house. We are both your sisters. Your sister. We have no shortage of grief, Ray. I hugged Tarana Bhabhi and started crying.

To be continued..

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Written by   52
1 week ago
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