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Covid-19: India looks to import oxygen as cases surge, overwhelming hospitals

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7 months ago

India’s government has announced that it needs to import 50 000 tonnes of medical oxygen as cases of covid-19 increase across the country and hospitals turn away patients in need of oxygen support or ventilators.

The government has asked diplomats around the world to identify vendors from whom it can purchase oxygen to meet the need. It has also invited vendors to make bids to supply 100 000 oxygen cylinders.

India is currently experiencing its second wave of the covid-19 pandemic, which has eclipsed its first wave. The country has been reporting more than 100 000 cases a day since 4 April, then 200 000 a day since 15 April. Previously the peak had been 97 860 cases on a single day.

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Heart touching, May God help them as a human being

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7 months ago

So heartbroken

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7 months ago