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The Road to success

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6 months ago

The Road to Success isn’t a Straight Line. Success doesn’t come over night. Success is being able to look at a problem, and change it into something amazing. To create something beautiful out of the most ugly thing on earth.

We all know that in the real world, nothing comes easy, and we have to put a lot of effort, time, money and even our sweat in order to get what we want. Creative world is not different as everything has it price. As you can imagine, in an industry where one of the most important aspects is time; time is money.

The objective of every one is to become successful and build empire but what is not understood by the majority is that it takes a lot of hard work and energy to get there. Hardships are part of life, but what makes a difference is how you handle them.

For some people those obstacles are painful, but for a few it's an opportunity to shine. Having said that, I want to invite you and connect with you on one of my trials while I was building my empire and that is "passing through the fire"

As a young inexperienced guy in my early twenties was dreaming to be a huge businessman and found myself being trapped in the matrix of corporate world and all its rules, regulations, policy compliance etc.

I had to go through this furnace alone with little knowledge about my business as well as no support from my family, so when I decided not to follow the status quo that time I had no idea what was ahead of me.

"You can not touch the final destination without passing through the furnace", and it's just like in life, where no one can be at the top of the ladder without having passed through some crisis. You can not touch the destination of success and recognition without losing, or receiving bad critics , that is what make you stronger, and make you shine.

In life, there is always ways to get the success, but you have to remember that, the easiest way to get something is never to dwell on the things that you don't have, but focus on building your skills and abilities to create a better life for yourself and your family.

I knew a man, he was a carpenter, not a great carpenter, but he did have something special in him. A few years later, I met him again and he told me his story.

"I am so glad that I met you," he said. "You see, earlier this week I lost my job." I was alarmed and asked him what had happened. He said: "Well, the company has closed down and I had to leave." "What about the money you saved for your children's education?" I asked. He replied: "I used it to start the business."

"And the money you put aside for your retirement ?" I continued. He replied: "I used it to expand my business." Over the next few hours, I discovered that he had put everything on the line to build his business.

"So what caused the company to close down?" I asked. He answered mismanagement of funds and lack of experience of the new manager. This I have put in consideration when starting up my own carpentry business.

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Written by   37
6 months ago
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Road to success is never easy and the easiest path might be the dangerous way and the longest path might be the hardest way, achieving success is not an overnight stuff but thorough hardworking. Nice to meet you

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6 months ago

Your words are beautiful. Many of us strive for success but success does not really come easily. We have to work hard for it, but I believe that if we work hard to achieve that dream, we will surely succeed. Thank you.

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6 months ago