Rendering Service to humanity

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What is the meaning of service to humanity? What is the obligation that we are responsible for in this world? We talk, we criticize, we express our opinions, speak of everything and do nothing. There is no such thing as service to humanity. If there was, everything would be different.

What does it mean to serve?

  • To serve means to help,

  • to give,

  • to be kind and considerate,

  • to put into practice what you believe in.

We provide service to humanity which means to serve the whole of humanity and not just a section of it. When you are serving the whole of humanity by helping one person you are in fact helping the whole humanity.

The quest for doing service to humanity has become a divine necessity in today's world. The service to any kind of human being shall have its origin solely in the urge of rendering a help to someone who is in need of it. It must have a purely human motive and must be devoid of any kind of trace of self interest.

The service to humanity results in the oneness. It brings hope and life to the downtrodden and the disheartened. When peace and harmony becomes the main cause of every kind of service rendered to the nation and its people, it becomes the service to God.

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A service to humanity is a formal definition of the key principles and objectives in The New Testament Bible. In the modern business terminology, it can be described as a service that causes happiness, satisfaction, and pleasure to its consumers.

The nature of a service to humanity has been widely discussed in Christianity. There are discussions about the service to humanity regarding Christian morality and its application within economic issues or business behavior. The services rendered by a person to humanity can be religious, scientific, educational, or philosophical in nature. Therefore, the definition of a service to humanity will differ according to the academic discipline or field of study.

In the world of business and economics, a service to humanity is defined differently from the religious and philosophical definition. A business definition of a service to humanity means helping others achieve their desired objectives by providing them with products or services that are valuable to them. Hence, this is in conformity with the modern ideas of marketing and business management.

The obligation of Benefact comes from the heart and not from a book or by hearing someone say something. It is an obligation that each one of us feels on our own. From the heart, we must be a benefactor because giving is better than receiving. Don't waste a second of your life doing what doesn't make you happy, because life is too beautiful to live it with complaints.

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