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Greatest love

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6 months ago

I realize that Christ’s love for us is very similar; no greater love could there be. I have thought and I have been told, the greatest love is to lay your life down and be willing to die for someone you love. Somehow they got it backwards. Christ did just that; He laid his life down for you and I, and yes, He loved us so much that He suffered a lot for us and was willing to die for our sake.

There is no greater love than this. We are to love God with all that we are, and we are to love others as we love ourselves. Our Saviour Jesus Christ, was beaten almost to the point of death, then had to carry a massive woody beam that would become the cross on which he would hang; thereby, living out his own command. He laid his life down for you and I. The enormity of that never ceases to blow my mind.

There is no greater love than this, that one would lay down his life for his friends. ~ John 15:13

On a mans trip to the Holy Lands with two of his oldest children they were directed to an obscure place where they found this quote inscribed on a stone. This made the man think of his Saviour and what he did for him, and every other person.

It's so hard to wrap my mind around this immense love. I can barely explain it to you, although I hope you understand in some way what it means to have a Saviour who loves us so deeply. We feel compelled to make the story come to life and encourage you to do the same.

The Saviour of the world calls us to live this commandment and acknowledge the incredible sacrifice he made for us. No greater love than this.

We always celebrate Easter periods as the season where which our saviour died for us, am charging us that we can only return this great love back to him by making our heart dwelling place.

If you haven’t surrendered your life to then you have no place in His kingdom. After been rejected, beaten, crucified he still went ahead with his love for us to prepare us a place in His kingdom were those who surrender their lives to him will spend their eternity. If you haven’t surrender your life you can do it now, by saying this things from your heart.

Lord Jesus I give myself to you today, I confess all my sin before you and receive your forgiveness, I ask you Lord to take your rightful place in my life as my Lord and Saviour. Come into my heart and reign, fill me with your love and your life, and help me to become a person who is truly loving—a person like you. Restore me, Jesus name (amen). Let my pastor @fexonice1 pray for the new babies in Christ in the comments session.

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Written by   37
6 months ago
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