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Top 2 Ways to Earn Free Crypto (Easy & Fast Rewards)

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3 months ago (Last updated: 2 months ago)
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BE WARNED: The following methods of earning free Crypto involve effort. For many people, getting into Crypto can be prohibitively expensive therefore one legit way can be trading time and effort for crypto. Without further ado, let´s get into the ways and methods:

1)      Publish0x:

If you love writing and want to share your views this website if for you! The most popular content on Publish0x is Crypto but there are other categories like Music, Photography and Art. Under the Crypto category you can write about Bitcoin, Etherium,, AAVE, Maker, Link, Binance,FARM, Polkadot, Ampleforth and Uniswap. See the menu below with the subcategories:

If you aren´t a writer you can, still earn by tipping the author of the article. There is a slider at the bottom of the article that allows you to tip the author while also earning in AMPLE or FARM tokens. The most you can earn is 80% while giving the author 20% and the most you can tip the author is 100% while obviously earning nothing.

This earning tool has a daily limit for the number of times you can tip, also limits you from tipping just one author as well as the period between tips (about 10 minute-pause between tips). See image below:

By the way, you don´t know ahead of time if the tip will be in AMPLE or FARM…only afterwards. See image below:

PAYMENTS: How to claim your earnings?

AMPLE has a minimum withdrawal of $5.00 On-Chain and of $0.50 through KuCoin. FARM has a minimum withdrawal of $2.00 on-chain.

Did this Publish0x help to clarify things? Do you see yourself earning this way? Get started with Publish0x today. Sign up here:

METHOD 2 to earn Free Crypto: Cointiply

My absolute favorite way to earn Bitcoin by far. The website has multiple ways for you to earn. Let´s start with the easy, fast and low effort methods. First you can roll the faucet, basically press a button to generate a number between 0 and 99 999. See below the breakdown of earning potential of coins with every faucet roll.

The only friction here is for every roll you have to complete a CAPTCHA and there is a time of 60minutes or 1 hour between rolls.

Addition earning opportunity is getting rewarded for loyalty. So, if you log into your account daily you get loyalty bonuses and the multiplier, so when the faucet rolls to a PRIME NUMBER the coins are multiplied using the multiplier that corresponds to you. Check out the example below (By the way, as the name suggests, jackpot is a lottery so I haven´t hit it yet!):

The second easy earning method on Cointiply is the Chat Rain Pool. Again here you just click a button and can be included in a coin giveaway pool to earn coins. Depending on when you join the pool you are allocated a percentage of what you will be given when the pool is full and the coins are distributed. The coins here are very few. Like, I said, the method is low effort, so low reward. Note image below of how this looks like:

See below a typical day of earnings for me in the image below:


My other methods of earning include completing surveys, which can be time consuming but can offer thousands of coins as rewards at a time. The other way I use is watching videos or ads. Videos offer fewer coins for seconds of watching at a time…between 5 and 20 in general. Just to note, the surveys I normally do are Theorem Reach and YUNO, with YUNO being my favorite! Refer to image below:

My least favorite method is playing games…Firstly, I am not a big gamer and secondly this involves downloading games to my phone. Therefore for security reasons related to downloading 3rd party apps and just not wanting to deplete my phone storage this method isn´t my favorite…but perhaps, could work for you! Remember DYOR (Do your Own Research)

Last but not least, when you reach to 30 000 coins on Cointiply you get to earn interest on the Bitcoin, so I am not in a hurry to deposit my accumulated BTC to a wallet and will keep engaging with Cointiply because I can do so with varying effort and time and still earn. See image below:

 If this Cointiply description was helpful and you want to dip your toes, then sign up here and if you have any questions, comment below and I will be happy to help.

Images Used from Publish0x and Cointiply as well as UnSplash by

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Written by   3
3 months ago (Last updated: 2 months ago)
Topics: Free crypto
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