Me and my hobbies 🥰

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Definition of hobby from my perspective

Hobby is such kind of task which we all want to do in our free time and sometimes we make us free to do that our desire task. And we all do that kind of task without any kind of force and that gives us pleasure also. From different point of view I can say that which give me happiness is called hobby .

What is my hobby?

Many people have several kind of hobbies and many people have only 1 hobby . I also have several kind of hobbies. My hobby is making tour, reaMaking tourding books, solving Rubik's cube and writing. I am writing all about it one by one.

Making tour

The world is really very beautiful and the beauty of nature always impressed me very much from my childhood. I love to visit new different different places to enjoy that beauty. Tracking, adventure type to give me enough happiness. It's my hobby that I don't want to miss the beauty of nature and it really be helpful for refreshing my mind.

Solving Rubik's cube

Once I used to solve Rubik's cube almost all the day. Don't know why it always attract me very much. I used to solve Rubik's cube in my boring time. Solving Rubik's cube gave me a lesson and that is if we want to be master in something we need to keep practicing again and again. Another lesson is we have to be creative also to master in something. Just following other we can't master in anything because there is a limitation.

Reading books

I think book is one of my best friend. It gives me huge knowledge . Actually i became interested to reading book for first time just for gain knowledge but with times i started to love it and it become my hobby. In current time I started to read in many online journal and platform also and i think it's the updated version of reading books in present time.


At the beginning i wasn't able to recognise the power of mine in case of writing . During the pendemic situation i was able to realise that i have the power of writing something creative which was an unknown power to me before that time. But now i try to write something as much as i can and i started to love it also besides i earn some asset through writing which make me more interested in writing.

That's all about my hobby . I also have desire to cook food and help my mother sometimes but still i have never tried it . Hope one day i will be able to make it.

I also have published that post in hive also . You can check it there is the link:

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