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Category of people in society

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1 year ago
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We are human. We are called the best species in the world. So differentiate between us is not good. But we already have created differences among us. According to our society there are 3 categories people live in here. The three categories are

i. Rich people

ii. Middle class people

iii. Poor people

Rich people are established people. They have enough wealth to gain what they want. In most case they can fullfill their desire easilly. In our society we give them enough respect whatever they are good or bad person. Most of rich people try to dominate other for their own purpose. It doesn’t mean all rich person are in same type.

Now come to the middle class people. Most of people are came from middle class family. They don't have enough wealth to fullfill their desire. They have to struggle to fullfill it. They are used to saving a little money whenever they can for their future. Most of successful people came from this kind of family. This kind of person have to earn respect to be a respected person.

Poor people are not in good conditions like middle class people. The have to struggle for their food also for fullfill their basic demand. They hardly manage to save money. And most of society people don't respect them nd neglect their work.

Why i am writting this!! There must be a reason. We should not make difference among people. Which people we are calling poor and middle class people made our life better because in any kind of work we need them and also their talent. They work for you, that's why you can't go ahead neglecting them. So respect everyone. And most of middle class people spend their all savings during the lockdown period for COVID-19. And poor people are in bad condition now. So try to help them whatever and however you can.

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