**Talking to my mirror

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It is that talking to yourself brings health benefits as well as being a sign that your brain is functioning well. It is an inherent ability of a conscious person.

You may have ever found yourself talking to yourself and suddenly you say to yourself:

"I'm talking to myself, I'm going crazy".

But this thought is far from reality. According to research published in the Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology, talking to yourself is a great benefit for thinking and perception; it also increases intellectual capacity.

An experiment conducted with 20 volunteers found that this verbal activity improves attention and maintains concentration while reducing distractions.

It also helps people to be more decisive and to control thoughts, cognitive and emotional reactions. This definitely helps to stay focused on the goal we are aiming for.

So by following this study you are able to do the technique of looking in the mirror and saying everything you are thinking to yourself. It will actually bring more focus and confidence to yourself.

You are not going crazy, you are just getting to know yourself as a person, you are seeing what your mistakes, abilities and thoughts are.

Thank you for your time. For your time.

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