**Insect to calm hunger.

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In this edition we will talk about how African and Asian food can be very strange, especially for people from Europe and America.

Madagascar is a country located in the southeast of the African continent currently facing a famine, but thanks to a peculiar food that they have been adapting to their cuisine is changing this.

Insect is one of the dishes that is delighting the inhabitants of this nation although Asians have particularity to eat these types of food, now in southeast Africa is adding it as flavors to their dishes.

A kind of insect that inhabits the nation and has a particular ''bacon'' flavour is alleviating the food crisis they are experiencing.

According to people this kind of dish is delicious with a good beer. According to nutritional media organisations that this type of food has a level of nutritional benefits for thousands of people in this nation.

Something that may be strange and unpleasant to look at, has a high degree of minerals.

It is true that it is not common for America or Europe to eat this kind of food, but can you imagine eating insects for breakfast? It is hard to believe, but for the people of Madagascar it is not.

For them nowadays it is a food rich in protein and calcium with sources of energy that helps to have a good mood.

Would you like to try this kind of dish?

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