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Will Michael ever be forgotten?

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1 year ago

“There is no vacuum in life” they say! I learnt about this quote from a tender age and since then it had stick with me. What this quote actually meant is quite simple: when a great man/woman is no more, another person takes over to achieve what the said great man/woman achieved and often times surpassed the achievements. Worst case scenario is that the great man in question might easily be forgotten because the vacuum he left has been filled by someone else. That is why it is often advised that, whatever field you chose to venture in life, you should try your best to do it with sincerity of heart, to give it your best shot with all the blood that run through your veins so that your name won’t fade away with the wind when you pass away or even while you are still alive.

Michael Jackson as we all know left a very strong and lasting impression on the minds of his numerous fans around the world. He (Michael Jackson) was greatly influenced by James Brown but realistically, he surpassed James Brown in the show business. One time, I asked some people around if they knew who James brown was, and they were like: who is James Brown? Some enquired if he is a footballer or a basketball player or an actor. I was quite surprised. I asked if they knew Prince as well, they replied in the negative. But when I asked about Michael Jackson, they said “of course”, some even went further to sing his songs aloud.

It is rather so unfortunate that Michael´s life was filled with controversies stemming from his change in complexion to child molestation, to record label feud to what not. The media was harsh as well, publishing false stories about him to make headlines all for their selfish business interests. People fail to realise that celebrities are human beings too; they cut and they bleed, they pass out excreta, they fall sick, they cry etc. We shouldn’t expect them to be 100% perfect. No one is.

The most interesting thing is when your good deeds surpasses your shortcomings, your loyal fans and supporters will stand by you regardless of whatever. Despite Michael Jackson’s flaws, his fanbase still stays intact and I am proud to say that I am among that fanbase. The media can’t take away the love his fans have for him. They couldn’t while he was alive, they can’t even now that he is no more. It may interest you to know that the media is still reporting sordid details about him. The one I saw recently is about the sordid details Jackson’s former maid named Adrian McManus (who worked at neverland ranch from 1990 to 1994) gave about the king of pop. She claimed that indeed Jackson was a paedophile after seeing the singer in a questionable position with young boys on his bed. This is coming after she had already testified in court under oath that Jackson wasn’t a paedophile during Jackson’s 2005 child molestation trial. Same thing goes for Wade Robson (one of the young boys who frequented neverland ranch and slept on Jackson’s bed on many occasions) who is claiming that Jackson actually molested him even after testifying in court way back in 2005 that Jackson didn’t molest him and would never molest a child. I am guessing that the media is behind all of these.

Whether Jackson was a paedophile or not, it can’t be ascertained since there have never been any concrete evidence to verify all these allegations levelled up against him. One thing I know for sure is that Michael will always be remembered both as a person and as a personality. He was just like the greats who were quite famous and left their footprints on the sands of time, though dead a very long time ago, their sweet legacies and astounding works lives after them. These greats includes but not limited to; Williams Shakespeare, Socrates, Plato, albert Einstein, Isaac newton, Michael faraday to name but a few. Michael Jackson´s name will surely be remembered for generations to come. He was a passionate philanthropist, a great performer and a loving Father who is and forever will be the king of pop.

Thanks for reading. Stay tuned for more interesting updates.

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Written by   38
1 year ago
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