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Is your network, really your net worth?

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2 months ago

I just need you to pause for a while and reflect on the question “Is your network really your net worth?” the word network can have various meanings applied in the computer world and human interactions.

We are looking at human interactions in this article. According to oxford dictionary, Network means, to interact with others to exchange information and develop professional or social contacts.

Net worth on the other hand is the value of the assets a person or corporation owns, minus the liabilities they owe.

So your network are your professional contacts that has the power to either increase your financial status/net worth to unprecedented heights OR decrease your net worth to unprecedented lows.  

The Question “Is your network, really your net worth?” is a popular statement and so let's look at it deeply.

It is only the network that is willing to help you grow, that is really your net worth. Just knowing someone doesn't automatically translate to them being of great value to you.

If they are not willing to use their resources for you, teach you practical skill sets, then they are not the network you actually need that will help your net worth.

You may value them but do they value you enough to use their access and connections to help you climb the success ladder?

Think it through

A Real network provides the followings and more.

1) Access: Can they give you audience when you ask for it either virtually or face to face?

2) Recommendation: Can they recommend you when an opportunity that they know you are qualified for shows up.

3) Capital: This is a very slippery slope. You are not entitled to their money but if they can use it to help you advance in life, maybe education, build a skill or start/grow a business, it's definitely fine.

Therefore before you say your network is your net worth ask yourself this question: Does my networks care enough to help me succeed?

Everyone needs help. It's absolutely a chain reaction.

A network of friends/relationships helping each other grow and succeed is the real net worth.

If you are in a particular network and you don't seem to see a growth in your professional life in a set time, then do yourself the favor of fleeing from that network.

This isn't showing pride over your network of friends but rather the act of taking charge of your life and professionalism. Just so you know, you can't please everyone.

There isn't time to waste hanging around unproductive networks. The truth is people spend time talking about world business leaders and the so many business feats they have achieved but less importance or talks are placed on their networks of friends.

World renowned business leaders equip themselves with big networks of business moguls who are often times bigger than them so as to learn, learn and keep learning to earn and keep earning big on the long run.

Perhaps the question right now is: "where do i find these big networks?" Quite simply, attend seminars/workshop/conferences that have the high and mighty in attendance.

After these functions, you can approach a handful of them and exchange contacts and take it up seriously from there. Have a positive mindset and the right attitude and you will succeed. Stay blessed.

Thanks for reading!

See you on the next one!

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Written by   36
2 months ago
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