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Help Is Never Far Away

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4 months ago

Do you know that some people should be awarded an honorary doctorate?

These are folks who know that they have a problem and who are quite sure that they need help but would neither ask for help nor go where they can find the help.

Such people exist. They prefer to watch their problems deteriorate to the point where they start to lose sleep, weight, money, and even life. Don't be like them.

When you need help, don't be ashamed to ask for one. Even if you have to pay a token, please go ahead and get help. Help is as close to you as your next door neighbor

I once heard the story of a woman who knew she had an ailment in her body but instead of seeking medical help, she kept silent. She enjoyed the pain, suffering, and restlessness. By the time she decided to speak out, it was too late. Death was already at her door.

That's how many have allowed themselves to wallow in continuous pain.

My dear, speak up. If you have a health challenge, open up. Get medical help. If you are about to embark on a new journey, get help from those who have gone ahead of you. If your academics, business, or marriage is failing, seek counseling.

Don't be too shy to ask for help. Nobody is above help. We were wired that way by the Almighty God.  

Please, do not endanger your life because of your so-called temperament–introverted. Do not truncate your beautiful destiny because you choose to be mute.

Seek help. Help is around the corner.


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What do you need help for? Ask today. Seek help.

Nice one there?

Seek help!

However, several people find it very painful to ask for help, perhaps because they have been denied help in the past or because they feel it is too bad for their image. Someone once told me that asking for help is very embarrassing and that he’d rather talk to God and help himself out, than talk to friends and families

The thing is just that you should ask for help when you need one without having an entitlement mentality.

Then leave the person to either grant your request or refuse.

 I perfectly understand that it's very good to ask for help. You either get a Yes or No for an answer.

I'm not saying I must definitely get yes from anyone I ask to help me.

I can never feel bad about the person giving me a NO, I can only feel bad for myself. I also feel embarrassed as well.

People say something like: "problem will never finish in this world we are living in".

Well, the greater problem is the inability to share your problem (especially the problem of growth in business). This is the type of problem that you should eradicate the very moment you notice it.

It's not something you should allow linger for so on because this is your business. This is your source of livelihood. This is an industry you are trying to build a career in. This is what you are passionate about.

So grab by the bull by the horn now and put an end to that problem that has lingered on in your mind before it throw you into depression. You will Succeed!

Thanks for reading!

See you on the next one!

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Written by   58
4 months ago
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