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Getting to know me. My official introduction into the community

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1 month ago

Hi guys, I just want to let you all know that I am proud to be a member of this platform, the platform. Though, this isn’t my first post because I never knew that it is necessary to write an “introduce yourself” post. It is indeed wise to write an introductory post for official purposes and of course to familiarize with the entire community.

How did I found out about

As a cryptocurrency business enthusiast, I learnt about the platform from my surfing the internet for social media blogging platforms on the blockchain. Since then, I haven’t looked back. The experience here has been pretty incredible.

My areas of specialty

I am a man with diverse interests, while this might sound like an indecisive nature, I pretty much feel comfortable with it. However, for the fact that I can’t write on all the topics existing on this platform, here are the topics that have written on and others I intend to write on. They includes; “cryptocurrency”, “music”, “philosophy”, “photography”, “fiction”, “life” and “pretty interesting” topics.

Vote of choice over other crypto blogging platforms

Certainly, isn’t the first crypto blogging platform, but I think I will be definitely right if I say that it had surpassed other crypto blogging platforms before it. I am a member of other crypto blogging platforms but I spent more time on than on other platforms and I am sure it is stay that way till god knows when. The Features of the platform are quite much but I will limit to two very obvious and impressive ones such as the;

Simple graphical user interface (GUI):

This I love so much. The site is SUPER easy to navigate! NO complexities in design which eventually triggers huge page load time. Great font style and font size which makes reading enjoyable and posing articles very refreshing. The use interface is so nice that sometimes I feel like sleeping in it. LOL!

Tipping feature:

Writers are being tipped with Bitcoin cash for writing quality articles and comments. The tipping feature is quite easy to do even for someone with less or no crypto or mobile tech knowledge. Just two clicks and we are done tipping any post we like. In some other platforms, you will see a long command line to execute, which in so many cases the upvoter will dismiss the idea of tipping an article because of the stress of decoding the aforementioned command line.

Deposit and withdrawal:

Request for your funds and have it in your bch wallet in no time. Initiate a deposit and watch it go smoothly. It is evident that the brains behind this platform really took their time in creating it. God bless them immensely for their effort.

Though I haven’t cashed out much from the platform but on a closer scrutiny, I see more huge earnings as being assured. I am so focused on building a following, on learning from the numerous articles deposited here daily. After all these, everything will fall in place.

Thank you guys as you welcome me here. Please y’all should endeavor to stay safe during this covid-19 pandemic period. This too shall pass.

I love you guys.

Thanks for reading!!

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Written by   15
1 month ago
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Again, you're welcome to platform. Keep posting good articles that will impress people and you'll get reward for it.

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4 weeks ago

Hey nice to see all your topics. Hope you come back on here now with all the incentive changes. Quality posts are gems that drive growth.

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1 month ago

Hi infotips, I just found you here. May I ask where you are from? Let me suggest to you to submit your articles in the special communities for a wider visibility. Under the article there is a little "submit" link, where you can add your Article to.

Whenever you write an article, add fitting Topics to them as well as submit them to suitable communities. Check out the "Communities" tab at the top. I have also submitted this article to "introduceyourself" community for example.

Good luck and be sure to check out my BCHGhana posts. You might be interested and I'm happy if you share our articles via affiliate link as well.

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1 month ago
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