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2021 Leadership Guide

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9 months ago

Today we have different opinions on how to lead either our organization, family, church or mosque. We have seen men model their lives to us and also their leadership patterns.

In all the array of leadership options I have, one leader always stands out for me. His life, his leadership patterns and his leadership principles have proven to be timeless. He leads with compassion and clarity of his purpose and that of his organization.

He was a team player. He started his organization by first looking for the right people to get on board with him. He knew that with the right people you wouldn't have to motivate anyone to do what they ought to do.

He knew that incentives were just a way of showing appreciation and not to make someone who isn't passionate about the work passionate. The right team are motivated from within.

His Selection process was strategic. He chose both educated men and "uneducated" men. He chose both "local men" and "sophisticated men".

Wondering why he had these two categories of people in his team. His focus was on their heart - their character before thinking about their skills.

He wanted men with strong work ethic and integrity of heart.He found most of them in their duty post. Let me quickly say that he wasn't looking for "perfect" people but he wanted the perfect team - a combination of strengths and uniqueness

He didn't care so much about their skills at the expense of checking for virtues because he knew that you can teach skills but you can't teach character. Character can't be impacted or imparted. It is developed.

Jesus really models great leadership. His team of 12 men called disciples and later Apostles did great exploits. They submitted to his leadership and became agents of transformations. As a leader that you are or that you are planning to be, You can use this guide/blueprint to ascertain good leadership on your part.

This is leadership. This is the leadership I model my life after. You can however choose the leadership model that suits you.

Take home: he wasn't looking for "perfect" people but he wanted the perfect team - a combination of strengths and uniqueness.

Thanks for reading!

See you on the next one!

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Written by   40
9 months ago
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