Part 2 of I'm inlove with my Teacher

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One day my teacher took me in a our canteen on school I'm so confused because it's first time on my life that kind of situation my teacher treat me a food and only two of us.

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I really care of my teacher even her secrets I know it. One of the best day of my life was put me in my house I mean she arrived me to go home after our school day, she have her car, she do that because she want me to go home safely, what a lovely care from my teacher after that I realized that I am inlove with her totally she's on my mind always every day and night, I cam to school because of her I wanna see her and I want to feels always her care for me.

I don't think if she inlove on me too but I feel the same of mine. I remembered the day of TEACHERS DAY and usually I surprised her on that day I really prepared on that day because my allowance on that day I brought her flowers, chocolates and also a love letter that I wrote for her.


I woke up early as I can and to be prepared on that day I came to school early to first student that will give a surprised gifts but sadly I didn't saw her at her office department so I decided to wait up her on our classroom and the time must go on she's attend her subject on our class hours then I feel so nervy because that is the first time scenario and first that I didn't saw her but I did not lose hope I just said to my self maybe she's busy or will be late to attend to our school I wait her until the end of our school day.

I feel not good because this day will be the great day of my life and good memories but suddenly it's not, I feel so very sad when I am thinking where she is if she leave me that no one knows or what if she leave me because she feeling inlove on me too and to avoid that she leave our school, must of that I thinking on my mind and I very not good we'll, our school hour was done and I didn't saw her at all even her CO-TEACHERS didn't know where she is.

So I decided to go home alone with my things that I have but in the exit of our school I saw her face and hear her voice saying my name on that scenario I feel so restless with delight I came to her faster and gives her a hug tight for a moment and asking why she not attend her classes but she answered with a smile only and I didn't bother to ask any more questions on her I give to her my surprised gifts and she's very happy because its her first time to received a like that.

This is the link of part 1 if read first this part 2 I hope each all of you will enjoyed readings, keep safe everyone.


I just gonna end up guys on my 3rd article I will write the plot twist and worst scenario of being inlove with my teacher I hope each and all of you will excite to read.

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P.S. Be always Humble in any kind of scenario

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This is so lovely. I can relate that. Teacher student bond. Well, hello dear. The Devil is impressed with your writing.

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1 year ago

Thank you sir devil I really appreciate your thoughts on the part 3 will write my best of my story

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1 year ago