Lathe Machine

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February 09, 2022

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First what is Lathe Machine?

This is a machine that use of people that can help to finish their work faster.


Lathe Machine tool that can rotate a various motion so that it can create a perform that can result of cutting, facing, drilling, deformation, turning and also knurling.

Parts of Lathe machine:

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1.Tail Stock

  • It's a part of Lathe machine that can movable located on the opposite side of headstock.

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  1. Head Stock

  • Head stock it supports the main spindle of Lathe machine of being necessary transmission mechanisms.

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  1. Saddle

  • It's a H- shape of part on lathe machine mounted on the top of the lathe.

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  1. Tool Post

  • It's is mounted on the lathe machine and it holds the various cutting tools.

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  1. Chuck

  • This part is the basically holds the workpiece that you work.

There are 4 types of chuck

The 3jaw chuck or universal chuck- it moves simultaneously by the use of key and also the work piece, it can used to holding around by hexagonal bar or the other symmetrical work.

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Magnetic chuck- it is a permanent magnetic on lathe machine but it doesn't widespread use for.

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Collet chuck- this chuck is usually use for Capstan Lathe or automats.

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Independent or four jaw chuck- it used for regular shapes, casting or rough of octagonal. It contains a 4 jaws and it's difference performance on universal but it depends on your work piece.
  1. Feed Rod

  • It's a power transmission mechanisms of Lathe machine that used for linear movement.

  • Lead Screw

  • It's mostly used for treading operations on the lathe machine.

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  1. Apron

  • Apron it can consist the gears and clutches for transmitting operations on the parts of Lathe machine.

The Principle of Lathe Machine Process

-it is a working process on lathe that principle on rotating the work piece and it can fixed the cutting tool.

-the workpiece is hold between the two rigid and strongly that supports the workpiece and it is called the center in a chuck is the faceplate that revolves.

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Disclaimer: I am just currently studying about lathe machine I'm not a professional about this but I just want to share my knowledge about this on my learnings and I am currently a student of mechanical engineer.

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