Human Behavior in Different Society

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In this article I just gonna tell you about my experiences about their showed attitude that where I go in different society.

My first experience that was I go to my grandparents in our province (Negros), I saw a lot of people in their Barangay and they talking each other like a brother and sisters just like a family member but the truth is only they are all adjoining houses and I can't understand their language they use but I like their attitude and tone of their voice it's feels me comfortable when they are talking with me.

I saw my Lola's house and come in with my family and they great as good we'll.

Disclaimer: I didn't saw them for the 10years ago.

My Lola talk with me because I'm the one who favorite of my Lola because when I was 2 to 6years old I am in a side of my Lola so that why she's very miss me and gives a hug tight and also me too.

After few days ago stay in on my Lola's house we go to other place near by and they called that Bacolod if I am not mistaken it takes only few hours drive to get their, we go to my cousin's house because we want to get swim in there hug pool (HAHAHA).

After an hour of driving with my family we have reached my cousin's house and they great also as good as well just like my grandparents too.

Cousin's house is hug just like a mall or a hunter house HAHAHA joke but believe me I'm scared when I remembered my cousin's house, after several hours of rest and get lunch we go the pool to get swim and my parents buy some of foods to have their food when they starts to drink alcohol or wine so that me and my cousin's are the one who left in the house.

I'm on my room to wear my swim clothes and also my cousin's too until I notice or feel that someone's watching me when I am changing my clothes but it's nothing in my room it's just me because my cousin's room is to far in my room after that I talk to my all of my cousin's that if they are some people like a little person in this house but my cousin's gives a smile only they don't want to answer me.

It feels so scared but I just thought I was imagining it and for get it. Me and my cousin's go to the pool and get swim but it's too cold (HAHAHA) but my cousin's obviously accustomed to cold and me? I slowly go down but my one cousin push me to the pool causing that Im get cold faster than but its ok because one of my cousins invited their girl friends to join in the pool and guess what? Their friends are so daaam hot like a Harley Queen.

One of them I like it when I first saw her I know that I liked her and have a crush on her so that I talk to my cousin if her friend is single and my cousin's answered "Yes she's single" and my cousin introduced me immediately to her, first I'm shy but when I hear her voice that so lovely in my ears I got the first move to introduce my self to her and shake her hand as well and guess what her hands are so soft like a pillows.

Until at night we talk to each other and she said to me that she didn't know on how to swim and me as a good swimmer I decided to teach her so that we go to the pool to use my bear hands to teach her (HAHAHAHA).

I'm just gonna end up here guys, in this article I just wanna share my story on visiting my grandparents parents and cousins house also if you want to continue my story about the girl that I teach on how to swim just let me know on the comment section so that I could write part 2 in this article.

Thank you for reading until her I hope you enjoyed your reading session.

P.s. don't be shy of who you are

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February 17, 2022

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I am glad that you were able to visit ypur grandparents.

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Waoh thank you ma'am, sana ikaw rin po

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