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PVMihalache is always right. They supplant my identity. Am I left without a prize?

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1 month ago

Aug 11, 2022. No. 291

About two weeks ago bch_sun published a contest on its Twitter account to promote the 5th anniversary of BCH.

Competition rules:

How to join in: Like, retweet this tweet and reply with your works related to BCH anniversary. You can make it in any genres like pictures, paintings, videos and articles, etc. Just keep the theme positive and no porn or violence. Event Period: August 1st to August 8th

How to rank:

Number of likes * 0.5 + number of replies + number of retweets = total score


Top 1: 4 BCHs

2nd place: 3 BCHs

3rd place: 2 BCHs

and 4th place to 13th place each get 1 BCH.

With this presentation, it was evident that everyone was going to participate and promote their entry in order to win. 4 BCH is a lot of money, just for a photo. That's when I contacted @PVMihalache and literally told him “I need to win this one” and sent him the ad link when he asked me to. He wanted to help me with an RT, but he still wasn't sure what I was going to do. I thought about doing an article, but he warned me telling me not to get complicated, just to take a photo or something similar.

Users began to upload their photos and some of them began to pay for RT and Likes, using the coinkit bot that gives rewards to those who promote the tweet in question. So I told PVM that I was going to make a video, that it was better that way. This was his response:

"Why putting so much effort. Someone will put a meme and will get 1k likes. Be efficient. Do a banner or something. Just want to make sure you don't put hours of work and  be upset by the outcome. Simplicity is the key."

My idea was to make a 1-minute video, where some of the most important figures in the BCH world today (at least the ones I know) appeared. So I included @rogerkver @MarcDeMesel @TheBitcoinJason @KimDotcom @SatoshiAngels @BchBarquisimeto in the video.

So PVM wanted to make a side bet between the two.

"Wanna have a side bet 😆. I will get more points with a meme. If I win you write an article how I am always right. If you win ... you get $20."

Immediately accept the bet. It was clear that it was a win-win for me.

After a few hours of making the video, this was the result I posted on Twitter:

The PVM meme was this:

Then the race for RT + LIKES + comments began. Many users do not see the tweets because they do not have the bell activated, so you need a miracle to reach others. It's complex. It was a week posting the tweet everywhere to gain visibility, all this, without cheating, that is, not paying for RTs and Likes like others were doing.

A few days passed and PVM wrote me again:

“Let me know your BCH wallet”.

When I asked him why I should give him my wallet, he replied:

“Cause you gonna win. As I didn't plan to hustle for this one 😆. Jumped on a bet that I know I will lose for a reason”.

My answer was the following:

“Don't worry. I will not charge and also if I will do an article about you. In the end some stup** meme will win. I'm not saying it's wrong, just that I don't like this type of contest where quality is not rewarded. Getting likes and RT for some is very easy, for others it is simply an odyssey. That's not fair.”

PVM is one of those friends who never let you down. He even wanted to increase the bet by $5 USD more if I told him why he had proposed a bet that he knew he was going to lose. He did it for the following:

“...You kinda lost your motivation due to the recent events. Is no better way to get it back than a competition. However, competing against strangers is not that rewarding while competition against me is always interesting. Why if I didn't plan to hustle and focus? Sometimes its fun just to participate and say... told you so! My time and effort was zero but if I can push you to win a prize then is mission accomplished. Also keeping the spirit of Club1BCH alive. Always playing the long term game.”

These things make people special. They are not easy to overlook everything you do for us PVM, thanks for everything friend.

Eventually, the contest deadline came and the results were published. A user who has 127 followers on Twitter managed to have 4,403 Retweets, 11 Quote Tweets, 1,335 Likes, and 841 Comments.

Kind of hard to believe that he didn't use some system to promote his tweet and win. Also, not to criticize, but a photo that had nothing special compared to the other entries. Evidently, PVM was right. In the end, won a meme without much effort, nothing more and nothing less than 4 BCH.

Then came the hard part. Because two users tried to impersonate my identity on Twitter. One of them even put my same profile picture and background. They both wrote to bch_sun with their wallet to send the prize to them.

Guess what? She sent my prize, 0.1 BCH to another wallet, a user who had my profile picture on.

The other user put the same username as mine. The only difference is that it said Lnfinity_1001, that is, with an L.

I had to write to bch_sun privately via telegram to show him that I was the real one. She told me that she had already sent the award to someone else. She eventually got over her mistake and sent me my 0.1 BCH prize to my wallet.

These contests, where quality is not measured, remain very open and many frauds are committed when campaigning. Paying the bots to promote your tweets, so you can't compete. In addition, it could be her money, she is the one who gives the prize, that is clear, but in the end, she is playing with people's time and effort. She cannot change the rules and evaluate as she wants at the end of the contest. Perhaps if she can do it, in fact, she did, but then I am also within my rights to tell her that this is not how things should be. When you give your word, you must at least respect it, or you simply look bad in front of the whole community.

Maybe I was a little rough with her, for which I apologized later.

Anyway, many thanks to bch_sun for the contest. Hope the next ones are better. The important thing is to promote BCH to all corners of the planet.

$ 4.22
$ 3.92 from @TheRandomRewarder
$ 0.15 from @PVMihalache
$ 0.05 from @Jane
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Written by   341
1 month ago
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Sorry to know that... Mine arrived so far.. Some used AI I guess to generate more likes and rt..

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1 month ago

That's why I avoid competitions that are not based on quality

$ 0.00
1 month ago

yeah, is not easy with this kind of contest.

$ 0.00
1 month ago

Damn! There's no way those likes and RT are organic. Obviously, he's using an AI to ensure he wins. Whatever! I hope they will based the winners on the quality. Still, congrats for your entry! I saw it and yours is more worthy for the prize.

$ 0.01
1 month ago

Indeed. Thanks, but the price is already rewarded, I only get 0.1 BCH. That guy gets 4 BCH with a meme, a bad one :(

$ 0.00
1 month ago

I know right! His is very simple. Anyone could easily do it. Oh well, better luck next time.

Also, the lesson here is, when the contest is based on the # of interactions, avoid putting too much effort into it.

$ 0.01
1 month ago

Indeed. Like PVM said :). Thanks!

$ 0.00
1 month ago