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Jetcoin - Discovering the next Champion

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January 25, 2022. No. 138

Almost any field of entertainment or other in general is occupied by large corporations and companies with their millions of dollars, which decide who to launch to stardom, treating people as merchandise. Deciding who should be famous and who shouldn't. You can have an extraordinary talent, which, if no one sees you, will be almost impossible to achieve your goal. The lack of opportunities and above all of the economic resources has frustrated the opportunities of many, many people around the planet. To achieve global recognition, the stars you are seeing today had to go through hell. 

The blockchain has emerged to put in front of us a unique opportunity in all aspects. He has come to change the world once and for all. The crypto project Jetcoin has created a platform whose purpose is to promote the careers of those who possess extraordinary talents and abilities for the world of sports, music, and entertainment.

Users with the help of Jetcoin $JET cryptocurrency, will not only be able to support future stars that they consider, but they can also earn some dividends fairly. When that star you've been following since its inception reaches the goal of becoming a global star, a portion of the several million in contracts goes to pay dividends between owners. Smart contracts make investors calm with the safety of their money.

What is Jetcoin?

“Jetcoin Institute was founded based on a novel endeavor to empower individuals across three major fields: sports, music, and media. Moreover, the Institute has also introduced a new form of crypto-currency "Jetcoin". Talented individuals seeking music, sports, or media career, as well as related projects, can be proposed or sourced via the Institute’s website or by referral." White Paper Jetcoin, Abstract.

Jetcoin $JET is digital fuel that bridges the relationship between talents and fans. It makes the barrier break and you are closer than ever to your favorite stars.

There are many, many stars throughout history who have been scammed by their managers. We have many examples, like the case of Elvis Presley, when the manager took 50% of his earnings. Billy Joel's manager stole about $30 million from his earnings to cover personal expenses.

Due to this, Jetcoin was born, whose main objective is to find hidden talents and acquire a part of their image right. These talents are renamed Jetcoin Champions, and their fans can invest in them. Not only can fans support their idols, they can also earn income from them. This makes an ecosystem that is a win-win, for celebrities and fans. A tailor-made career plan is drafted and created for athletes with the participation of their partners, as well as creating the opportunity for their fans to participate in the JET ecosystem.

The idea in general: Remove the total control that a single entity has and give control to the masses.

The cryptocurrency Jetcoin $JET and interactive multimedia NFT technology are used. Fans buy NFT cards from these future talents and thus can earn $JET tokens based on the success of their champions. The more successful, the more rewarding.

We already played the NFT again. Is that today practically everything becomes an NFT. Anyone on the face of the earth can make a work of art, an NFT. Literally anything. NFTs are non-fungible tokens and it is a special type of crypto token that represents something unique. The four main characteristics of NFTs are that they are unique, indivisible, transferable, and with the ability to demonstrate their scarcity.

Jetcoin Institute’s Business Model

Jetcoin has developed unique NFT technology to support talent using a crowd-funding strategy. These JET NFT cards each have unique characteristics. If you want, you can look a little more about them at, which is the viewer designed for it.

Imagine owning an NFT card from a future star, who is still just starting out in the industry. When it becomes a star, the value will skyrocket undeniably and this NFT card will be pure gold. It's like buying BTC and ETH right in the first few days of dating. Do not miss the opportunity to participate now. This is your moment and you would be supporting a future star.

JET NFT cards feature interactive content like text, photos, and videos that can be updated and airdropped. In addition, some JET NFT cards will hold rewards at purchase or be airdropped at a later time. Better impossible.

If you think this is perfect, read this: JET NFT cards are only created after a new talent is hired. So, up to 70% of the revenue from sales of these NFT cards (the minimum is 50%), is allocated to their development. It always depends on the budget available for efficient marketing, the necessary NFTs will be issued to raise the funds to carry out their career and future plans of that specific talent. This is what is known as an Initial Talent Offering (ITO).


To buy or trade the $JET token you can go to Probit, Mercatox, Bitcratic, Fork Delta, PancakeSwap, or SWFT Blockchain.

This is necessary to be able to support your talent and future favorite star. The price is currently low, which makes it the exact time to start, we talked about that above.

Jetcoin $JET token runs simultaneously on ERC-20 & BSC which is built on Ethereum and Binance smart chain solutions.

You can also support your favorite stars on social networks like YouTube, Twitter and through this way earn $JET tokens and also help them grow. Eventually, this situation will favor both of you. This is known as Proof of Social Engagement (POSE).


If we consider sponsorships, in the world of Soccer it is one of the fundamental pillars of Jetcoin. But not only that, it is where you least imagine it. To date, it has sponsored:

  • English Football League Derby County FC

  • Wigan Athletic F.C

  • English Premier League perimeter banner advertising

  • Two Serie A football teams (A.C. Chievo Verona and Hellas Verona)

  • Three luxury yacht shows (Singapore, Phuket, and Penang Rendezvous)

  • Three Formula One Official After-Parties in Singapore


I like the idea in general. It is stupendous. The first time I hear about Jetcoin and I was really impressed by all that it represents and the opportunities it can offer to many people who really need it and want to succeed because they know they have talent.

From the moment you enter your website, you will be totally blown away by its design. I love the design, simple and efficient, with excellent use of colors. The NFTs are great and have a pretty well-defined line of work. I know that a book should not be judged only by its cover, but in Jetcoin, it is not only design that makes you fall in love, it is the objective and the idea, in general, that is spectacular the more you discover it. If I tell you that with $JET tokens you can even have privileges with your talents or stars? These can be VIP seats at an event, behind-the-scenes experiences, or even after parties. Are you not excited?

I like how the administrators and developers who carry out this ambitious project do not give up, even when the price of the token does not look good. They keep fighting and marketing, struggling and trying to find new strategies to grow much more. I like people who work with a fixed goal. I have looked at the Telegram group, some criteria and comments from users, some who feel identified with the project, others not so much. Here are these two wonders that I have found.

"You may see the price is in a downtrend but consistent developers and admins win on this race" JETCOIN Ducky.

This is just the beginning. The race has just begun to attract more future champions and more users who want to support them in their careers. You can be one of them. Do not think about it anymore and take the leap that everyone expects you to give. Join now and be the next champion!

This is my entry for the JetNFT contest in publish0x. Win the first prize, shared with 3 more users, including @PVMihalache.

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Written by   320
4 months ago
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This is a wonderful innovation 👏 I love the fact that they are trying to protect the interests of sports, music and media stars, and they are doing it with the power of Blockchain! I am impressed

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4 months ago

Thanks for coming and commenting. If you look at the views and comments you will realize how successful this article has been ahah. Today few have clicked on my user. I guess I've already been warned about this :(

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