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Trees Are Our Best Friend(2)

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1 year ago

Hello everyone..!!

How was all..??

The tree is our best friend:

Today you will know about trees. Can you tell me what a tree is? Tree refers to trees, shrubs or shrubs. Trees help us survive in many ways. The plant provides oxygen, a special tool for survival.

Where do people's main food rice, bread, bread come from? The main crops are paddy, wheat etc. Apart from that we also get various oils from grains. We use it as an edible oil, for making soap, paints, varnishes, etc.

Where does the supply of spices come from? From the plant world. We get sugar from sugarcane or beetroot. With tea and coffee obtained from the tree, our beauty is removed.

Wood, bamboo, rope are all available from plants. Furniture, boats, doors, and even houses are made of wood.

The cotton needed to make clothes comes from trees. Imitation silk and rayon are available from wood. Nylon and terylene are made from organic chemicals derived from plants. Jute and similar fibers are obtained from the tree. These are widely used. Sacks, sacks, clothes, ropes - how many keys are made!

People also depend on plants for various medicines. Penicillin, streptomycin, oriomycin, etc., drugs of modern potency, are made from inferior plants. Oxygen is essential for the survival of any animal. And it provides green plants. What? Green plants take in harmful carbon dioxide gas from the air in the process of making their food, and release oxygen into the fine pores of the leaves. In this way a lot of oxygen is supplied. Earth's oxygen would have been depleted long ago if the plants had not been constantly replenished by the depleted oxygen in the air. The sky was filled with harmful carbon dioxide. This would lead to destruction. In addition, the main food of plants, people as well as other animals.

Fuel wood, coal, writing paper, rubber, cork, etc. come in large quantities from plants. Plants seem to be the key to the survival of humans and other creatures in this world! So the tree is our friend.

People need to be careful about trees in order to survive. And more and more trees are needed.

Relation of trees with rain: -

“The clouds are full of clouds

I understand the rain.

Thirsty for water

He smiles with wet mind. ”

In terms of the beauty of rain, it seems that there are no other lucky people in the world like our Bangladeshi people. Not all countries get much rain. It snows almost all over the country. Snow-covered, or mile after mile of desert. Again, not all countries have tin rice. A surprise gathering for the people of Bangladesh has taken place in the pouring rain and tin rice. What a heavenly bliss it is when it rains on a tin can not be expressed in words. Rain is so crazy that even a Pakistani in her love can be seen staying in Bangladesh. [1]

The matter of rain is so beautiful and acceptable that many writers, poets and artists have created something about it. Most of them are poetic descriptions of the beauty of rain. The chemistry inside the rain, the physics inside the rain, the technique of the rain have been discussed much less than that. Today we are going to shed some light on the science of rain, the mechanism of rain. The science inside the rain is in no way less captivating than a classic poem or novel.

About three-quarters of the world's oceans. He was constantly exposed to the light of the sun. The light of the sun is constantly evaporating the sea water. Not only from the sea, but also from the fields, ghats, rivers and canals, water is evaporating into the air. Even from the leaves of the tree, water particles are mixed in the air by biochemical process. The tree collects water from the ground with its roots. Some of the water is used for his own use and the rest of the water is not used for him. He releases the remaining water into the atmosphere. All the vapor-like water in the atmosphere that comes in such a way slowly rises to the top. Going upstairs is a huge sacrifice, subject to various conditions, sometimes it rains, sometimes it snows, sometimes it falls like rocks. Different forms of the same thing. There are many detailed discussions about this in physics.

That's enough for today..

Part-3 coming soon..Inshallah❤️❤️

Thanks for reading..Please do like comment if you enjoyed...😊😊

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Written by   82
1 year ago
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