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School Life

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Written by ย ย 82
1 year ago

Some of the funniest parts of life are those days of school life, laughter, jokes, extravagant sports, all those wonderful memories ... Let's talk about how Mr. Fazil's school life went today, although I have some funny memories of high school, that is, from class six to ten. I will try to remember.


The funniest and most heroic thing in school life was running away from school. I was a fairly decent type of boy in class six and it was not possible for me to run away from school in class six because I was the class captain. Where there is fear of tigers, there is evening. The hall is with us. We went to the front of the rice field. Sir, how did you know that the head boy of Tina's school was leaving the class with a bag? He ran back even though he couldn't catch it. What happened to it? The next day, I showed it to Ajab Ki Ghazab Mai. After that, I ran away lightly. I didn't get a chance to escape in class eight, but I got up at nine and found the moon in my hand. What a happy life. Serera runs on one side. Any education officer from outside will actually say that it is a girls school ... Our group has been called to the office for a few days. One day example can be given ..

Sir, where did you go without classes?

We didn't really want to go, sir.

- So why not take a vacation?

- Don't give leave to so many people anymore.

- So don't take leave. Did you get it? Give me your guard number.

- Sir, I forgot.

- Give me the number you got.

(A lot of times we would give a friend the number of another friend, if you call it, the phone will be turned off)

-Sir, don't get me wrong ..

Saying that we melted Sir's mind at Sir's feet, Rasmalai, we also get a chance like last time, but we keep thinking about the last chance.


Then on the day when we didn't run away from school, I would write the names of those who ran away from school the next day and show them in front of Sir and tell them what to give now. Some people jumped from the 2nd floor to the roof of the bathroom and went down from there. Our Shaon Saheb is jumping on the roof of the bathroom, but he is afraid to jump from there to the ground. The condition of the poor man was so miserable at that time that it is impossible to say.

- What are you doing there ... (Sir)

- No, sir, nothing .. (Shawn)

- Nothing means you're running away from class.

- No, sir, that's not it.

- That's what I'm saying.

- I can't get off, sir.

- Then you're getting up.

- Sir, I did not jump thinking that I can not get down .. Now I understand the fun ..

- Yes, have fun, you will be here all day today.

- Sir, arrange a number below.

- Am I taking you upstairs so that I can take you down? You will be there today, but I am bringing you.


Poor Shawn's face of that day still floats in front of me and Shawn has not jumped on the bathroom roof since then .. Once we escaped in class nine, we sat in the shop, Singara, Samucha Saba. The next day, Sir made history by standing in class. In this way, I have been running through the back door for many days.

Sir, where are you going?

I- (scared) at home sir ..

- Have you taken leave or is it a hoax?

What did you say, sir, I have taken leave.

- From whom did you take it?

-BZ From Sir ..

The next class of - You either take it from me or from the head sir, why do you take it from BZ sir ??

- No, I didn't find you.

- Why are you going?

- Huge problem at home, sir.

- Well, let's call home ...

He saw nothing on the phone at home and then it is better not to say what else to say ...


Once I left the 3rd class and chatted and entered the 4th class and saw that Sir had called us.

- Where were you during the 3rd subject?

- Sir, I went to fetch football.

- That's why so many people will go.

- In fact, tell Sir Mehdi's house that he will not go alone, Simon will go with him or else he will not go again, Simon will not go again without Nurul, Nurul will not go again without me, I will not go again, Sagar will not go again without Shaon, Shaon will not go again without Rahi.

-Sir ended up laughing instead of punishing him, but there was a reason to say so because we already knew that sir would not punish us.


I will miss these cheating days of school life, not only will I miss this day, but I will shed tears thinking about on this day, but these days will not come back again ...๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š

โ˜…Thanks For Reading..๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ’•

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Written by ย ย 82
1 year ago
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