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Importance Of Learning English

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1 year ago

Hello Everyon..!!

How was all..??

Today I wanna to discusse about importance of Learning English..So Let's Start..👇👇

English is an international language and we all know it. The need to learn English cannot be described in words. English is very important for all of us. This is really important to us in many ways. We need English for different needs.

Different nations have different languages. Thus, a common language is needed for global communication. English has gained international language status. It has transcended national boundaries and become a world language.

So the importance of learning English is increasing. We need English for different needs. We need English to communicate with the world. English is very necessary for talking to all kinds of people in the world.

Each country has its own language. The language of one country in the world is not understood by the people of another country. The language of one country of the world is not used in another country.

However, English is a language that is used in all countries of the world. So if you know English, you can talk to anyone, you can communicate with anyone in any country in the world.

English is spread all over the world. When people from two different languages ​​meet or need to communicate, they use a third language to communicate and understand each other. English, for its widespread use and acceptance, plays a good role as a common language. This is why English is called lingua franca or common language. English is widely used in the international business community. English is essential for communicating across national borders and for maintaining contact with foreign business groups or professionals.

We also need English for different types of work. We need to know English to get a good job and a better salary. We need English to communicate. We need to know English when we go to any country or state in the world.

Most books on any subject that are important to English for higher education and special training are written in English or are quickly translated into English. English is the medium of instruction in most universities and higher education institutions in the world.

English is necessary to get a good job and a better salary. Multinational businesses and many international corporations make requests for people who have a good working knowledge of English. Even job advertisements in the local market require people who understand English.

English is a world language. English has gained international status for a variety of reasons. The present era is an era of globalization. Anything produced or invented in any part of the world gains global character or recognition very quickly. We need to learn English to keep pace with the globalization process. English has become a global language for various reasons.

English is important for maintaining international relations and communication. It is the language of diplomacy, international politics and meetings and conferences.

In today's world of superhighway information, English is essential for easy access to any information. Almost any information is available in English. English is the language of information technology and the Internet.

English is important for access to world media and entertainment. Satellite channels around the world broadcast news and philosophy in English. Games and sports are broadcast live and their commentaries are also broadcast in English. Movies, cartoons and other media productions are available in English.

Knowing English gives an easy access to a wide range of English literature. World famous books, novels, histories, stories, poems are available in English. In addition, English helps to learn about the culture, discovery, discovery and lifestyle of other nations.

The importance of learning English cannot be expressed in words alone. We need it for every job. Knowing English is important for all of us. So we should read and learn English properly. Knowing English is like having an international visa. English is useful and helpful anywhere in the world.

★Thanks For Reading❤❤

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Written by   82
1 year ago
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English is very important language

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