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Be Patience

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1 year ago

Hello Everyone..!!

How are you all..??

I wanna to share something about patience..So Let's Start..👇👇

Patience is the adornment of the believer. Special qualities of good character. The key to success. Those who have full confidence in God do not waver under any circumstances. Rather, he relies on God to understand the situation and deal with it.

In 2006, Fuller Theological Seminary Professor Sarah A. Snyder and UC Davis psychologist Robert Emmons reported that patient people suffer from relatively low levels of depression. Negative emotions work less between them. They can handle any stressful environment.

Allah the Almighty has instructed the believers to be patient in all circumstances. The Holy Qur’an says, ‘O you who believe! Be patient, fight with patience and always be ready in the way of Allah, fear Allah so that you may be successful. '(Surah Al' Imran, verse: 200)

★Branches Of Patience:

According to the Holy Qur'an and Hadith, there are three branches of patience. One. Abstaining from nafs haraam and illegitimate things. Two. Forced to worship and obedience and three. Patience in any danger and crisis. That is, to accept the dangers that come as a provision of Allah and to expect a reward from Allah in return. However, it is not against patience to utter a murmur or to express it to others. (Ibn Kathir)

★Ways To Achieve Patience:

Patience is a beneficial quality. Achieving this requires strong willpower. With the need for strong faith. Because if a person does not have perseverance, strong willpower, he will not be able to be patient. The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) once said to some of the Ansaar, ‘And whoever is patient, He (Allaah) keeps him patient. And whoever wants to be self-sufficient, then Allah keeps him free from want. Nothing is more generous and beneficial than patience. (Bukhari, Hadith: 6480)

★The Reward Of Patience:

The harder it is to acquire patience, the greater the reward. Adverse situations are normal in human life. Those who then put their trust in God and are patient, God has announced that He will reward them with innumerable rewards. The Holy Qur’an says, ‘Say! O you who believe, fear your Lord, O you who believe. There is welfare for those who do good in this world. And Allah's earth is spacious, and only the patient will be repaid in full without any reckoning. '(Surah Az-Jumu'ah, verse 10)

In another verse, Allah the Almighty has announced the gift of Paradise to the patient. Irshad said, ‘Those who are patient for the sake of gaining the pleasure of their Lord, establish the prayers, and spend out of what We have provided for them secretly and openly, and remove evil through good deeds, for them is the good end of the Hereafter. The gardens of perpetuity, so that they and their fathers, their wives and their children who are righteous may enter. And the angels will enter them through every door. (And say) ‘Peace be upon you, because you have been patient, and how excellent is the end of the Hereafter.’ (Surah Rad, verses 22-24)

It is normal for people to be in danger in the world. But in return for the Most Merciful, He forgives the sins of the believers. Narrated Abu Sa'eed Khudri and Abu Hurairah: The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said: It bursts in his body, through which Allah forgives his sins. (Bukhari, Hadith: 5741)

Therefore, if you do not find anything in the world or if you are in any danger, you should not lose patience and seek the help of Allah Almighty. Because we don't know which is good for us and which is bad. Which is good and which is bad. When God decides for us, it is good for us. Even though we feel temporary pain in it, in return there is Allah's forgiveness and great reward for us. The Holy Qur'an says: Surely Muslim men and women, believing men and women, loyal men and women, truthful men and women, patient men and women, humble men and women, generous men and women, men and women observing fasting, guarding their private parts. Men and women, men and women who remember Allah more, Allah has prepared for them forgiveness and great reward. (Surah: Ahzab, verse: 35)

Above all,We need to be patient every single moment of our bad time..

★Thanks For Reading..

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Written by   82
1 year ago
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