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What to do if eyes are rise?

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2 years ago

Many eyes are seen to rise at this time of year. However, there is nothing to be afraid of when the eyes are raised - in seven to 10 days the eyes get better automatically.

In our country, the problem of eye contact is more common in winter weather. However, after raising the eyes must take extra care of the eyes.

Why the eyes rise:

When the eyes are raised, the eyes become red, there is some pain and tingling. This is accompanied by the problem of watery eyes. Eyes can be inflamed with bacteria. In addition, the virus can also cause eye problems due to the attack. Most of the time the virus gets the eye.

The way the eyes rise to understand

Unclean or dirty living is one of the reasons for eye contact. Eyes become red due to eye disease. This is because the conjunctival blood vessels become swollen and enlarged due to inflammation and the blood flow in them increases. Glaucoma when you wake up, the feeling of always having something in your eyes, itching and burning of the eyes, discomfort when looking at the light, blurred vision, watery eyes, accumulation of dirt in the corners of the eyes (commonly known as Ketu) Symptoms of swollen eyes.

What to do :

1. Make sure that dirty water, dust and polluted air do not enter your eyes when you get up. In addition, after waking up in the morning to clean with tears. Many people clean their eyes repeatedly with water or give a splash of water in the eyes. This is not right at all.

2. Wear sunglasses when going out. This will reduce sunburn.

3. Eye contact is a contagious disease, so those who have raised eyes should avoid contact.

4. Handkerchiefs, clothes, towels of the person affected by the eye cannot be used. Others can be infected even through a handshake. For this you have to wash your hands quickly. Dirty hands cannot be put in the eyes.

5. In some cases, a bacterial infection occurs after a virus attack. For this you need to use eye antibiotic drops chloramphenicol three to four times a day.

Physician's advice:

If you have blurred vision, too much red eyes, too much itching or excessive swelling, you should seek medical advice immediately.

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Written by   222
2 years ago
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