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They watch the sunrise 16 times a day:

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Assalamu Alaikum everyone. I am @Imran-420 here. Now I discuss an interesting things.

The International Space Station is basically a spacecraft. Or habitable artificial satellites. The space observatory can say. Again the laboratory. Most importantly, it is the home of the earth in the unknown space. People from different countries, different nations are working together there. William Shepherd of the United States, Yuri Gidzenko of Russia, and Sergei Krikalev flew to the space station on October 31, 2000. On November 2, the Russian Soyuz spacecraft carrying them landed on the space station. From the beginning, the space station has never been unmanned. On the occasion of the 20th anniversary of that day, let's find out 10 amazing facts about the International Space Station (ISS) today.

Astronauts from many countries work on the International Space Station. Only US and Canadian astronauts are seen here

It can be seen with the naked eye:

The third brightest object in the night sky is the International Space Station. It can be seen with the naked eye. But not all regions together. When it will be seen, it will be known on the NASA website. It is scheduled to be seen in the sky of Dhaka for three minutes from 5:42 am on November 9.

Not without exercise:

So far, 241 astronauts from 19 countries have gone to the International Space Station. The station has never been uninhabited since November 2000. Six astronauts from different countries worked there. They have to exercise at least two hours a day to prevent muscle and bone loss due to lack of gravity.

If there is no gravity, you can try to be Superman. The three members of Expedition 72 (from top to bottom) are Andrew Morgan and Jessica Meyer of the United States and Oleg Skriposka of Russia. February 20, 2020

Not small at all:

The space station can accommodate at least six people. With two bathrooms, a gym and windows to look around. The living and working space is larger than a six-bedroom home. According to a BBC report, NASA will allow tourists to travel to the space station from 2020. But to stay there every night you have to pay 35 thousand dollars.

The cost is 12 billion dollars:

Eighteen countries, including the United States, Russia, Canada and Japan, have participated in the construction of the International Space Station. It is the largest artificial satellite, the most expensive. The creation of the ISS has cost more than 12 trillion.

Three astronauts shake hands for a photo during a preparation for the first mission to the International Space Station. (From left) William Shepherd, Yuri Gidzenko and Sergei Krikalev. October 20, 2000

340 days in space:

US astronaut Scott Kelly has set a record for 340 consecutive days on the International Space Station. And Peggy Whitson spends most of her time on various expeditions. The NASA astronaut has spent a total of 65 days on the space station till September 2, 2016.

On the space station in four hours:

The space station has huge solar panels to supply power. All in all, the power supply to all the parts has been ensured using 8 miles long wire. The space station can accommodate a maximum of eight spacecraft at a time. And after taking off from Earth, a spacecraft can reach the space station in just four hours, but it can take more.

Whose burden he has to bear. However, with the exception of a few days, they have left the earth for the purpose of space station. Three members of Expedition 33 at the Cosmodrome in Baikonur, Kazakhstan. October 10, 2012

Computer virus in space:

About three and a half lakh sensors are regularly monitored in the software to monitor the safety and health of space stations and astronauts. More than 50 computers control the space station system. These computers have also been infected with the virus more than once.

Communication does not stop:

Astronauts on the International Space Station use laptop computers. If you want, you can connect with your relatives by connecting to the internet. There is also a system for watching live TV.

The International Space Station was launched in November 1997

Equivalent to a football field in size:

The rocket has left the earth 42 times to deliver the main parts of the space station. It is 358 feet in length. Only one yard smaller than the American football field.

Sunrise 16 times in 24 hours:

The space station is running at a speed of five miles per second. You can say, 10 times faster than bullets. Once every 90 minutes, it orbits the earth a total of 18 times in 24 hours. At this time the astronauts watched the sunrise and sunset 16 times.

Thanks everyone.

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