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Relationship between man and environment:

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2 years ago

From the drawn of the civilization, men are completely dependent on the environment. Man and environment were connected in the same way. But with the advancement of civilization, the relationship between man and environment turned into damage.

From that day, men were trying to build up the environment according to their taste, there were many chaotic conditions in the environment. In need of life, men, to fully control the environment for a little

#Happiness, have destroyed the balance of environment.

Commonly to say about the environment is that environment is made up with our around houses, trees, rivers, canal, soil, air. But in a long explanation, environment means the mutual understanding of men and animals, plants and microorganisms. According to S. C. Candeig, environment means the combination of biological and inorganic objects which assist to alter any creation. If the various elements of the environment are damaged at a desirable level at any how or it becomes uncomfortable for the animals, that uncomfortable situation is called the environment pollution.

The natural disasters which are thoroughly responsible for the environment pollution directly or indirectly are floods, storms, cyclones, tidal bore, eruption and earthquakes one of them. In consequence of this disasters, men, animals, plants and house are destroyed seriously that cause a great impact on the balance of environment.

This type of harm cause serious pollution in the environment. On the account of floods and tidal bores, many lives and property are hampered in the low - laying countries.

The man - made reasons are largely responsible for the environment pollution. The factors are given below-

Population explosion is one of the most factor. A study has shown us that in 1800 there were only 100 core people in the world.

*A study has shown us that in 1800 there were only 100 core people in the world and now it has become about 700 core in 2012. As a result the pressure of increasing number of population explosion is posing such problem over the world.

*In the 18th century, the journey through the industrial revolution had been started is expanding now. The men for the production of the industrial products are largely using forest and marine resources and hampering the balance of the environment.

*smoke emitted from the industries and industrial wastes are polluting our earth.

At present the biggest factor of polluting environment is destruction of forest resources. Where there needs at least 25% forest lands for a healthy environment, most of the countries have no those. To meet the demand of the increasing number of population,

*deforestation is going on extremely for the food, shelters and industries. If this practice through the people is going on, our world will turn into a desert very quick.

The factors created through nature or man made are causing soil, water, air and sound pollution. And for this pollution our environment is becoming unsuitable for living. Every day our air is being polluted from smoke from the various industries, motor vehicles and deleterious gas that is mixed with the air.

Bangladesh is going ahead to prevent environment pollution to keep peace with the various countries of the world. For this reason,Environment_Protection act is launched in 1995.

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Written by   222
2 years ago
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