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Proposal punishment

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2 years ago

Real story

Proposal this word is common and familiar to all from teenage to elder. Nowadys relation / affair is common matter. Even the student of class four / five they are booked too .

So the proposal story are making here abd there by all ages of people. The love story and the breakup story are rising day by day. While I was in inter 2nd year in 2011 my far related cousin asked have you any lover ?? how dare she. I was just astonished. Because she was only in class five and after knowing this that I had no lover.she got pained and laughed at me that i was not expert in talking with anyone. that's why I had no.

Yeah she was Dhakaiyan public.huh now she has one 10 years old son. I heard that she had lover meant current word that bf. Ok skip it.

Now come to the main point-

After a few months at the end of the college i had gone to my one friends house to meet her after accomplishing my class in 2011. During reaching her house 2 boys had followed me. After understanding this I walked fastly and at last reached my destination. But I know the boys. They were my senior brother of my high school. While I had met my friends and her family after a few minutes the boys came to my friends home. For your kind information one of the boy out of two was my friends they have right to go to my friend home.

Then my friends cousins ​​friend has asked my friend that to know that could i cook or not and so on. It made me angry. Why he told me this nonsense speech. Then he told my friend to ready juice for them by my own hand how much kg their liver? I asked myself and replied myself too that I have to measure. Then I told my friend to take tang, chilli powder, little bit salt and Turmeric powder.

She was surprised my silent behavior as well as angry on me.I understood that but I wanted to teach a good lesson to them. That's why I digested their lane speech silently. Then she gave all item as my wanting. At last I made ready tang juice by much chilli powder little bit salt, and little bit turmeric to make it colorful as like a tang juice in a big glass.

She was happy to see my behavior that I am given a good lesson to them. Basically she also didn't like them so much. After preparing this my friend give them to glass was good tang and others had special tang with chilli powder.

For their proper drinking I was standing in the door of their room. Then the started to taking. Can you imagine what's going on the next? Ok stay with me -

I thought he wouldn't drink after smelling the red chilli powder. But I was totally wrong. yes, he drank it within a second. After drinking that the eyes were tearing and become red with in a few minutes. Then they had gone. And I also went to my home in the evening.

But the next morning my friend had come to the class and told me that her cousin is sick that he is romping the toilet because of suffering loose motion.

About 3-4 days he had suffered from diarrhoea due to drinking red chilli powder drinks.

Hearing this I was feeling guilty and sorry myself. Huh but it was the punishment of his strange proposing as well as eve teasing.

The end .

Thanks everyone.

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Written by   222
2 years ago
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