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Human being is the best creature from Almighty Allah.

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2 years ago

There are many animals over the world but human being is the best animal in the world because of human being can think, can feel and can do everything. Human being is the powerful creature from Almighty Allah.

No doubt, that all creations of ALLAH are beautiful. And Human mind are MORE than excellent From this. If any one can get the best pleasure from his or her ownself, then he or she can guess the other's mind, how beautiful that is!Everybody has an elevated mind. But only a few fellows can fathom it.

If human wants they can do everything in fact what you see these things created by human being I mean social media and YouTube, goggle and many more things created by human being.

That means human brain is so powerful brain. Just need to know how to use brain? Yes I don't know what you think about brain but I think human brain is more powerful they can do everything through the brain. Everyone is different and perfect we all have the ability to change the world even to create anything through using the brain.

But you know what? If any person be negative they destroy themselves they really don't know what is brain? Listen guys our brain is most powerful brain but when go to think in negative then we become more dangerous and going to forget about ourselves. We have no idea about our life and brain that is why we think we are so normal. But you know? If you think you will be amazing person just everything depends on your thinking power.

By the way you have to be positive and you must have to think positively so that you can do something through using your brain. Need to think positive as far as I think that most of the people think negative this is why after ending the day they discover themselves as a negative person. Negative person I mean a negative brain cannot be success cannot do something in their personal life.

On the other hand who are positive minded person who always think as like positive they can do everything. Do you know? How much amazing are you? Would you believe it you are so amazing you can do everything because of you have strong brain just need to create a positive brain. Which means you must have to think positively. Everything is possible for human being to cause our brain is so much strong.

You are so strong if you are positive but you are so weak and normal if you are negative everything depends on you. Although you have a strong brain so now it's your matter how you wanna use your brain. We see lots of things which things created by human being. So do you know how they become strong and what is the secret?

The secret is positivity they use their brain with the positive situation and they always stay with them who are positive that is why now they are amazing person. Just believe in yourself this is one and only your powerful medicine. Maximum people don't know how to believe themselves? Find your strong power and use your brain as a positive way with the positive friends.

I believe that my brain is more powerful and strong that's why I don't want to destroy my brain. Although I'm not so hard working person but I want to be an amazing guy not only that but also I want to create something and I want to do something different so that I can do something for poor class of people.

Anyway if you believe in yourself you can do everything. Actually our main problem is we are confused what do we love to do? Spend sometime for talking with yourself and ask yourself who am I? Why am I even alive? What is my strong power?

As far as I think most people will not believe you. Most people will ignore you avoid you and they insult you without any reason. Just avoid them who insult you Specially who think that you are nothing just avoid this type of people. Remember it when you came into the world you were alone so why you will not be able to live lonely. You can do everything just use your brain and believe in yourself the way you are and be happy always all the time.

Positive and negative never mixed listen do you know what's the difference between positive brain and negative brain? The difference is positive brain is so strong and powerful but negative brain is so weak and normal they failed their personal life. On the other side positive brain always perfect to do anything Specially any kind of work. They get more respect from the general people. So dear reader you get a life so now it's your responsibility to make your life as a positive one Please don't destroy your life for any reason. Life is beautiful although some moments of life is not beautiful but life is beautiful remember if you feel upset or bad listen to me it's bad moments not bad day. If you believe in yourself then happiness day coming to you.

Be patient and do hard work if you think that someone is more than you and they are much talented after that remember it hard beats talent. Without hard work you will not be able to gain anythin g in your life. You know what is the truth? The truth is life is more than what you think about life? Although life is so small but beautiful only for some painful moment we destroy our life.

We are going to do suicide. Why man? Life is so enjoyable and beautiful so please try to make your life as a beauty. And to be positive because of positivity is must to be success and to success we have to move with our positive cause positive thoughts is a power.

However you have heard a book name that is the power of positive thinking. This book is really amazing and the writer of the book wrote lot's of things about positive. How our brain negotiate everything it also written. The main point is we are what we think? In the same way if we think negatively then we'll be negative and if we think positively there is no doubt we'll be positive. It's all depends on our thinking power. But we should all think positive always.

Don't stay with them who are negative minded person. Who always think as like negative just avoid those types of people because they're very dangerous for ourselves specially for them who are honest and positive that is the reason we should avoid negative type of people.

A negative person always do negative work and even they spread that negativity with others. They're dangerous for an environment not only the environment but also for the country. Life is full of positive so don't make it as a negative.

Always spend your time with the positive situation and positive friends who always think positively. Who'll motivate you to do a future stay with them and avoid them who demotivate you. Who has no idea about you just leave those person. Be happy to get your life. Life is a best gift from Almighty Allah so don't destroy yourself to stay with them who are negative.

Man is so selfish most of the people will stay with you for a reason. If you are happy then you'll get many more people who'll support you. But if you are not happy then nobody will stay with you. So it's prove man is selfish you and me also like that because of our society is like that. We learn everything from our society so if our society teach us to be selfish to stay with them who has lots of money then we'll be like that cause we are learner so which things our society will teach us we'll learn all that things . But you know what there are so many people over the world who'll motivate without any reason.

If you have lots of money then more and more people will stay with you and support you but when you have to lose money that time we they'll be against you this is the rules of the life of the country of the society. But who are honest they are very good minded person they always respect everyone also they get more respect from the general people. It's the rules if you respect someone then you'll get back this respect back. So this world is selfish world if your behavior is not good and if you torture someone without any reason after that you will also be insulted person by someone.

Consequently an honest person most respectful in our society. In the same way if you want to be more respectful person firstly you have to respect yourself and love your own company. As far as I know that honesty is the best policy if anyone be an honest person then most people respect them because of their honestly. So if you really want to be a most respectful human being try to be an honest person and positive thinker.

Always do hard work for fulfilling your dream because without doing hard work you will not be able to fulfill your dream. Basically we like to live for fulfilling our own dream so every time do hard work for learning something new special things cause when time has gone that time never come back again in our entire life so please spend your time to do hard work.

Nobody aren't perfect for nobody. Behind the people judge yourself are you perfect or not? At first be perfect for your life be the best version of your life then go to think about other human being. But as far as I think that always we should think about ourselves not other people.

Almost we like to catch others people mistake isn't it? But it's really not good for all of us rather we must have to think about ourselves cause life is too short but we have to do many things. So if we are going to waste our valuable time to think about anyone then how we'll be able to be a perfect human being.

Quality is must as a human being definitely we must have to acquire quality because of quality carry our another introduce. Do you have any quality? Then what's your quality? How much you know about yourself? Write down all these things about you.

Finally we all want to be success am I right? But if you really want to be a successful person you have to wait for your right time. Generally I think success comes after hard work so in the meantime if we do hard work for achieving anything definitely we will be success one at a time. So people be yourself and be positive leave them who are negative. Always stay with the positive situation.

Eventually after ending the day you have to be an honest person. Because without honesty nobody respect you and an honest person is most respectful man in the society and even anywhere. So be an honest person be happy and spread your happiness with others.

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Written by   222
2 years ago
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