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As little as a donkey:

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2 years ago

I have written many times before about donkeys. Why not write. Socrates says, no thyself. Newton says he just picked up pebbles on the shores of the ocean of knowledge. So I will write more about donkeys. But this time I did not want to write. The reader has become aware. If they write about the same thing again and again, they can raise objections. But I could not write. Because, a few days after the US election. The symbol of the Democrats is the donkey. Therefore, donkeys are not to be taken lightly at all.

Donkeys are a laughing stock? Scientists say that the lack of proper knowledge about donkeys is at the root of all the common stories about donkey donkeys. Donkeys have been used to carry goods and carts since prehistoric times. Donkeys are not as fast as horses, but they are long-lived, less expensive than horses, more patient, more agile on bad roads. The donkey's problem is that he understands his own good. Donkeys should not be taken on a road that is intimidating or forcing them to go on a road that they consider dangerous. But horses do this easily. In fact, donkeys are intelligent, alert, friendly, cheerful, and eager to learn.

Donkey myth: The donkey is a symbol of the Egyptian god Seth. The donkey symbolizes the Greek god Dionysus. In Greek mythology, in a music competition, King Midas ruled against Apollo and in favor of Pan. As punishment, the king's ears became the ears of two donkeys.

The Hebrew Bible often mentions donkeys. The gospel shows that Jesus rode on a donkey to Jerusalem. In the Indian story, a donkey appears after a leopard costume, but is caught and humiliated by the donkey's call. In Isaiah's story, the donkey was dressed as a lion.

German proverb: A donkey can dress like a lion, but he cannot cover his ears.

English proverb: Better a poor horse than no horse at all.

The one who came out of the house as a donkey will not be able to return as a horse.

It is better to ride a donkey that will bring you home than to ride a horse that throws you away.

Humayun Azad's proverb: We admire the lion, but we like the donkey.

Most of us know the tricks about donkeys. E.g.

: Dad, do donkeys get married?

: Yes Dad, donkeys get married.

I found a joke on the internet. A shopping mall owner advertised that he would sell donkeys. His deal was with a potential buyer. He took 6,000 rupees as the price of a donkey. The donkey was found dead on the day of handing over. The buyer said, I will not take the dead donkey. The seller said there was no problem. I will return 6,000 rupees to you. I have spent for now. Wait, I'll take the money with this dead donkey. What? I am the owner of the shopping market. I'll draw the raffle. He advertised, raffle draw. Raffle draw. Raffle draw. Tickets are only two rupees. The prize is an ass. He sold 4,000 tickets. He got 6 thousand rupees. From there he paid Rs 6,000 to the first buyer of his donkey. The buyer said, you have no problem? Your donkey is dead. The owner of the shopping center said, no, 3,099 people did not object. Only one objected. Who won the lottery. I gave him back his two bucks.

Now another story. A donkey fell into a hole. Whoever comes to see him throws a bucket of garbage at him. The donkey rejoices and shows a dance. Encouraged, more and more people come. And throw dirt. Thus the hole was filled. And the donkey came out of the hole.

The donkeys are not donkey!

Ass is a silly animal. They are very loyal to the people. Doesn't hurt anyone. People use the word ‘donkey’ as an insult or insult in polite language. These are things we all know.

We use the word 'donkey' in a negative sense.

But donkeys are also hardworking, intelligent and useful animals. Does everyone know it? Maybe I don't know, maybe even if I know, I like to use the word donkey.

So if it weren't for that, the teachers wouldn't say 'donkey' if you couldn't read in class, if you worked hard in the office or in your workplace, no one would say why you are working like 'donkey', if you didn't understand something, if you couldn't do something properly 'Donkey'.

But the question can be asked how much the donkey is 'ass'. Should anyone actually use the name of this beneficial animal to insult?

So now let's come to what donkeys do, what they can do.

Horses we all know. It would not be wrong to call a donkey a smaller version of a horse. Yet, a donkey is much more powerful than a horse of the same size.

Donkeys have incredible memories. They can recognize the area and other donkeys up to 25 years ago.

Donkeys are very stubborn and have a strong ability to defend themselves. It is very difficult to intimidate or force a donkey to do something.

In no case is the donkey easily startled. They are very curious.

Donkey thoughts are independent of horses and can make decisions based on their own safety.

One donkey can maintain contact with another donkey from 60 miles away in a desert environment. They have much larger ears than horses, which helps keep them cool.

Donkeys do not like to be alone. Other animals like them as companions.

Donkeys are very important animals to the pastoralists. A skilled shepherd will choose a strong donkey as the leader of the animals. This is because farm animals are more likely to be attacked by other predators. But donkeys can protect everyone from wolves, tigers or other predators by signaling.

The role of donkeys in building the heritage of world civilization is not less. Because, the donkey has been used to carry all the heavy materials. Most of the metal in traditional Egyptian installations was carried by donkeys.

Not only that, donkeys were also used in Greece to work on narrow roads.

The Roman army used donkeys as livestock and cargo animals. Donkeys are one of the main means of transportation in the desert regions of Rajasthan and Jaipur in India. They can move easily with goods in remote hilly areas.

Donkeys were used in many parts of the world to help produce water, fuel timber, cultivate land and produce in the transportation market.

Donkeys guard cattle, sheep and goats. Donkeys can warn them to protect themselves from wild dogs.

Donkeys are very aware of water. So clean water is essential. He drinks 10 to 25 liters of water every day. He never wants to drink dirty water.

Donkeys love to eat very good fresh green grass from the field and that can happen all day long!

Gadhara loves their children very much. They do not kick like other animals. They guard their babies like intelligent animals. They are seen taking care of other animals besides their own children.

It is even known to accompany the disabled. People with disabilities spend time with donkeys and feel much better mentally!

Sick horses mate but ass! Any injured or sick horse is kept with the donkey!

From a horse to a donkey is a very clean animal. It is very easy to train them. They take very little time in training.

Donkeys are not harmful animals to us in any way. They only benefit people and animals. Although donkeys are called stupid animals, knowing the above information, surely no one would call a donkey just a fool.

You must think once before you call each other 'ass'.

Story Tip: Life throws dirt on you all the time. Your policy will be to get rid of that dirt and find happiness in it. At last you will see that you are coming out of the hole.

I am living with this advice. So you see, donkeys are not as stupid as they are thought to be.

Thanks everyone.

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Written by   222
2 years ago
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