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Among Us Imposter Tips & Tricks (Skeld Map)

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These tips and tricks will help you become a better imposter for the popular game Among Us. These tips and tricks are based on the map Skeld. Crewmate Tips and Tricks, coming soon.

  • When you are an imposter and you see 2 people in the same room, close the doors on that room to throw confusion around.

  • Create an alibi as an imposter by sabotaging and fixing more than once. This will work more if you do this more than once.

  • When you are an imposter and you see one person alone in a room, you can close the door first and then vent there and kill.

  • When you are an imposter and people know who is the other imposter, vote for that imposter, so you won't appear sus. If you vote for someone random, people paying attention will sus you out.

  • Stay still or constantly move in the waiting room to get a higher chance of being an imposter. You can also switch hats very quickly to become an imposter.

  • When u r a ghost imposter, help your teammates out by closing doors on a specific person or groups of people to cause confusion.

  • The security cameras will blink a red light if someone is watching the cameras in security.

  • Never vent to the navigation hallway vent when imposter. That is the only vent that is on cameras. Whoever is on cameras will see you vent

  • If you do get caught venting to the navigation hallway, close the doors to security as quickly as you can. The doors stay closed for 10 seconds, giving you plenty of time tor vent, or run, over there and finish them off.

  • As an imposter, once u kill someone, you can hide the body by standing over it. You might have to position yourself a little bit. You can then kill the person who walks in next and hide the body. This works if the player does not realize their report body is glowing.

  • If you need to vent to security, a good way to check if anyone is in security is to quickly vent from electric to med bay and back, and for a split second, you can see if anyone is in security. Do not hop out of the vents for this trick.

  • When faking tasks, fake multiple part tasks, like wires.

  • As imposter venting, it is safer to stay in vents for a while, so you have more time to create an alibi, pay attention, and it makes it less likely to be caught venting.

  • Sabotages are beneficial to split people up, especially reactor and o2.

  • When you are the Imposter, and the whole team is sticking together, so the imposter can’t kill them, you can split them up by sabotaging the reactor or o2.

  • When you are the imposter and you sabotage, ALWAYS head toward the sabotage. Do not be the last person there. It will make you seem less sus.

  • As an imposter, know what sabotages does. You will know which sabotage you can use for different occasions.

  • When imposter, keep sus people alive. This can help you if the team is throwing sus on you.

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Written by   8
1 year ago
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1 year ago

Security is very well understood, I understand that the whole thing is very good.

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1 year ago

More info and tips on sabotage and the vents please!

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1 year ago