The Drastic Increase in Racist attacks due to Pandemic

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2 years ago

Hello there! Before anything else I would like to clear things to you guys that I'm writing this article as my voice about the increasing racist attacks most specially to Asian American people.

Well, perhaps we are already aware of some news reports about racism for the past few months particularly upon the breaking point when pandemic strikes and corrupted the whole world.

Racism isn't new to us specifically in America where white Americans considered their black counterparts as low ranks compared to them. Because of this kind of mentality the society was divided, well not literally but psychologically it is, however it was a long long time ago but it doesn't mean that the country has completely eradicated this sad mentality. Although there were fewer cases as compared before still we can't deny the fact that racists still lurks around our society.

Thanks to many people who fights for their right and to those leaders who swore and dedicate their lives to fight against this bad mentality in the society, without them, acceptance among other raises will never be possible. Before pandemic I thought that our society has completely accepted in America maybe I don't hear any reports or news nor any incidents connected to racism, that's what I thought and I'm completely happy about it, but I was wrong and perhaps you as well don't you?

I know that some of us is now aware of the increasing cases of racist attack, people in U.S attack Asian American that stay and having their lives or probably having their vacation there. These terrible attacks are specifically in relation to the Covid 19 pandemic where in the attackers or I must say " PEOPLE WITH POOR MENTALITY" put the blame to Asian American people for spreading the deadly virus in their country. There are numerous attacks anywhere in public sometimes they just talk too much and blame Asians, cursing us, hating us because they see us as a virus carrier's .

Bad words such as cursing and deliberately insulting can be forgiven at least isn't it? But sadly racists are already consumed by their hatred and because they despise us Asians, sometimes they even hurt their victims physically resulting to serious injuries and even death.

Remember the 84 year old retired auditor in Thailand Mr. Vicha Ratanapakdee, he died because of Asian-American attack.

It sad to imagine that even an old defenseless man will suffer and meet his death in the hands of a narrow minded person who claims to be righteous but actually an idiot man with a corrupted soul who can hurt a defenseless senior citizen.

Take note, not because you're educated person doesn't mean you're a righteous person just like the viral video of a married couple who insulted an asian- american citizen due to his act of vandalism in a certain property.

The couple claims that they know the owner of the said property and even lectured the victim about rights and laws, the question there is how does the victim violates any law if he owns the property? Later on the people finds out that the lady in the video happens to be a C.E.O of her own beauty care company and her husband works in other company. See how hatred can corrupt a person even an educated invidual cam be corrupted sadly for the couple they did not use what they've learn in a right way but rather they choose to promote racism. Another sad thing about this issue is the fact that no one has the guts to lay their hands and help the poor victim even the attacks happens right in front of them, instead of helping the poor victim they will just stand right in where they stand and take a video of the events. Well I'm not anyone to do so but isn't that the very first instinct of humans is to help other people whenever they need help well unless the attacker is fully armed, but still there are lots of ways to help them isn't it?

I hope there will come a time that the issue about this topic will suddenly come into an end, to all people, let us use our minds to achieve development with peace and order and of course equality among all raises so that we can live happily.

Let us put into the grave our hatred because if we keep and hoard it managenside our heart then time will come it will devour our full sense of humanity resulting to unexpected chaos. I hope that somehow through my words I did manage to open your eyes and somehow you reflect it in yourself and finally come in to realization that no one wants this pandemic to happen.

I hope that we understand that US is not the only country affected by the virus nor the only one that suffers from a million dollar casualties. Let us understand that unity is very important in this time of global crisis and blaming one another doesn't solve anything but rather cause another crisis, remember, that pandemic is far more serious matter and a problem that needs cooperation so that we can defeat it totally, a problem like this is already too much for us so please set aside the hate and let us unified our strength to fight against pandemic.

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