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The walls between us

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1 month ago

I've always wondered, what's behind the love we show, the care we provide and the attention we give. Are we in the wrong place between wong people, or what? Actually, all of us have that pure intention towards the people we deal with every day, but we are not PERFECT. Things change like the day and the nights, like summer and winter, everything have a mood and have the opposite mood, today, you be with me, tomorrow you be against me, this is human.

Humans never been loyal, this is how we made, this is how we always been, we try to survive. There is a saying " laws are made to be broken " if friendship has laws, human break them, same for marriage, love, religions.... and many other things. This is not negative and not positive, because the same way we give love and care and attention to certain people and same way we don't give it to certain people, we don't treat equally, we all have that racism inside us, I'm talking about skin or race differentiation, that is unacceptable, because we are the same, ... we are the same, but I'm talking about feelings differentiation, sometimes we have that differentiation on our closest people, for example; sometimes we get jealous about the way our parents treat a brother or sister, we feel like we didn't get that attention before although we did have it but in that moment you can't remember, and sometimes it's true that you didn't have it before and that is an unfortunate. Another example, you det jealous for tiny things, like a new shoe your bestfriend got, and even that you don't show your jealousy but deep inside you have that feeling.

It's important to understand yourself and to be free, because differentiation is a human behavior and it is normal just don't do it purposely because that's rude, dude.

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