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“The SmartBox looks pretty reliable and that i can see that the technology is evolving, so I'm supportive and hope everyone can take part additionally,” said Philipe Comini, CEO of the Gimmer project, a style of flat algorithmic trading for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, "it's a revolutionary technology that brings blockchain to gambling and i am really following SmartBox." specifically, the efficiency model ensures that the casino's profits always outweigh its costs by optimizing trading commissions at the minimum market value of some cents proven in practice. consistent with international analytics source TheBitcoinStrip, around 60% of current transactions on the Bitcoin network are thanks to gambling bets, and also the number of transactions made by players per second has surpassed the 337 mark. the primary prototype of the machine was put to closed testing at a land-based casino to live the performance indicators of blockchain technology within the real economy of a gaming establishment. Up to now, has paid out quite $300,000 to players and also the share of the RLT token, traded on the LiveCoin exchange, just daily after the SmartBox launch announcement, has been multiplied by 7. . The project team has announced its intention to launch a series of latest SmartBox machines that may be linked to other games, as an example online slots, blackjack, bingo or poker. As for the market share claimed by, the sport market volume is 88% in land-based casinos compared to 12% for online platforms. this implies that the launch of the world's first coin machine and RLT token has great prospects compared to similar products within the online casino market.
On the network appeared news that one in every of the offline casinos had placed a test model of the world's first coin machine, running entirely on blockchain technology. “To completely revolutionize the gaming industry, it's necessary to integrate new generation technologies like Blockchain and Lightning Network, which is able to make casino operations more profitable for operators and attractive. for players.
Now, during closed testing, players don't spend real money and do not get real rewards. Today, the corporate is in negotiations with game design studios and machine developers. After all, the sport base significantly reduces staff maintenance costs, automating processes using smart contracts. As a part of the test, it's planned to gather real data, including playing time, average spend, revenue, number of players, and also to color a portrait of the target consumer. However, after the large-scale launch of SmartBox, stakes and winnings won't only be available in crypto but also in shares as RLT tokens. 

The corporate answered this question, asking the normal game question. we've got a ready-to-use software-based engineering solution, which we are able to offer the massive players within the offline market as an entire device. the essential configuration of the SmartBox machine includes barely screen gaming desk, a terminal for sending paper currency and a QR scanner for connecting crypto wallets. Many online casinos have turned to crypto and are investing legion dollars within the booming bitcoin market. just in case the test is successful, the production of the official SmartBox will begin.

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