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Kolotibablo, how easy to make money online ?

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2 months ago


If you're wondering, is msking money from captcha legit or just a scamming story ? Yea, you can find one ligit source of earning between 50 scams, it's hard to find someone who really shows you a way of real earning, like me and read.cahs, no one told me about it and no one referred me, i found it by myself. Let's get back to business lol, i found this website, i did my researchs as usual, i read the reviews about it, all of these reviews went positive about its legitimacy, like everything in this life there are pros and cons.. you know. So let me share this website with you.

What is Cpatcha ?

For those who don't know what captcha is, let's give them a brief definition in very simple words : captcha is a test mostly done by websites owned to differentiate between computers/robots/programs and humans, and to prevent these robots for entering their websites and do thing.. simply it is a security measure.

Captcha contains a sequence of random letters and numbers, uppercase and lowercase, very simple quizzes, images...etc

What is it ?

It is a solving-captcha based website, that offers you some cash in order to enter captchas, it started year 2007, it's fairly old.

How it works ?

  • First off all you have to sign up to the website, you can sign up here

  • Set a username

  • Verify the amount

  • Set a PIN code ( required for withdrawal)

  • Verify your PIN

  • And simply start working

What are the Pros snd cons ?

There are few prons and cons, because the site is quite simple and small

  • Pros:

    • It's completely free

    • No delay in showing captchas " 1 to 2 seconds "

    • Software application for windows users

    • Referral program: 10% for each person enter a captcha

    • No ads

  • Cons:

    • Many users complained that they got band without any reason

    • If you entered too many captchas wrong, you will get banned ( i reccomend when you see an unclear captcha just skip it )

How to withdraw?

The website provides multiple ways to withdraw without fees and with any amout starting from 0.5$ and 1$, before that to enable withdrawals you must complete 500 captchas

N.B( it is easy, i already enabled it, just try now to mistake, as i said before, when you are not sure about you captcha just skip it you wont lose nothing)

  • Cryptoswapp : directly to a cryptocurrency exchange - instant withdrawal - minimum amount to withdraw 0.5$

  • AdvCash : direct payment - 8 hours withdrawal - minimum amount to withdraw 1$

  • Litecoin : directly to your external wallet LTC - 1 min Withdrawal - minimum amount to withdraw 1$

  • Internal transfer: to another account- instant withdrawal - minimum amount to withdraw 0.5$

  • Capitalist : directly to, an online payment system - instant withdrawal - minimum amount to withdraw 1$

Thank you for reading my article, and happy earning day 😃

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Written by   15
2 months ago
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