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Be a monster in making dollars online with simple gear

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2 months ago

Greetings to you guys,

Money is an essential thing in life and an indispensable thing. But sometimes a person is a beast at collecting money, but in this field there are two ways: either you become a savage beast that venerates money, changing your heart for the worse, or you become a beast that is thankful and understands that one day he will leave all this money behind. So make as much money as you can, be thankful, and be a good person because it doesn't cost anything.

I am now writing this article from my knowledge and experience of collecting dollars online, and I am happy to share it with you.

Just know that you should replace the word "EARN" with "MAKE", and that is the first step.

The most efficient way to make money online:

Trading in Forex:

  • Forex (forex) trading is not that easy, but after a few tries and with a little practice, you will get it. You should learn the structure of trading forex and know the nature of the forex market. Then you should practice on demo accounts (all brokers provide demo accounts). Take it easy, learn, practice, then revise what you've learned, practice some more, and then you can begin.For me, forex is much easier and safer than cryptocurrency trading.

  • Gear:

    All you need is a PC, laptop, or phone and a network connection.

    knowledge about forex trading and the market's nature

    , a reliable broker

    -A capital (for me, it's better to start with $100).

    -A good idea to deal with your "risk management"


  • Dropshipping is one of the best ways for me to earn a decent income. Dropshipping depends on your ability to be patient and a good marketer and good advertiser to advertise your "online store."

    You need only to be a middle man between the buyer and seller, without even touching the product.

  • Gear:

    All you need is a PC, laptop, or phone and a network connection.

    -An online store (you can get a 15-day trial on Shopify, or you can get an Ecommerce account on WordPress)

    -A product provider (most dropshippers deal with AliExpress and AliBaba), you can also deal with eBay or Amazon.

    -Be a good marketer, a good advertiser, and a good "online store manager".

Very easy money.

Blogger and YouTuber

  • The YouTube channel is a very profitable way nowadays, but it's full of competitors because there are too many youtubers out there, so your content must be unique. You get it. But there is a trick to make extra money through blogging. The thing is to post your content on YouTube as a "video" and the same content on a blog to be "written". You should oblige your youtube audience to visit your blog (for finding the links, for more information, for contacting you...) You know what to do, and the same thing for your blog audience.

  • Gear:

    All you need to have is a PC or laptop or phone and a network connection. a

    YouTube channel that is linked to Google's monetize system and Google Adsense.

    -A blog website ( and YouTube cannot be linked to the same Google Adsense), so in order to fix that, you can work with Wordpress.

    -Have unique content

A photographer

  • If you have a good camera or a good phone and you have great skills in taking photos, you should consider selling your photographs (nature, animals, inspiring pictures, unique pictures). Search for who would like to buy your photos like (Foap) It's a website, or (Burst) It's a website tooGear:

  • Gear

    All you need is , a phone or camera with high-quality resolution

    -Taking pictures like a pro (search for pro photography tips)

    -Find Buyers: There are a lot of buyers like magazines, journals, websites (Foap, Burst, etc.).


It's easy to make money. Don't worry. All you need is patience and some skills, of course. Also, it's easy to donate a little more. Please support me for more articles like this.

Thank you and have a nice day.


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Written by   15
2 months ago
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Well said, it is important to have an side hustle

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2 months ago

Thank you for your support, indeed money is double edged sword

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2 months ago