When this love will written

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2 years ago

When this love of love is written, tears will be made in the eyes of the time. Amrita said for the time that the dreamer could not dream of anyone. .

After their departure, their children were tied to pieces of cigarettes, completing the veil in the imagination of imagination, heart and pen were written on the empty page. It was a repetition, a lily repetition, to scatter the beloved in thoughts and to face the truth of the child. Am I the son of sahir uncle? In response, no! Teaching the truth by saying.

The loss of this triangle was all but the pain of the pain came to hand, invaluable. But the role of amroz proved to be very strong, unmatched, and proved to be. One could only do a fanatic, a constant mood, a lover. He gave every moment of his life. The whole world is cut off from the whole world, which was embodied in someone else. The person usually seeks the pleasure of the side, but the love in which the beloved has settled his heart with another imagination, is actually a log or mail of love or natural or normal passion. . But when the beauty is not able to burn as a flame and a flame, when the flowers of the lips and lips are not able to burn. When the beauty, the youth, the disease, the disease, the disease. When amrita was just a cage of bones. She looked like a little jag on the corner of the bed. . .

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